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Four cool apps for iOS email


Email applications are a popular category on the App Store for one simple reason – almost all of us need access to emails on the iPhone and iPad. While Apple has its own Mail application integrated into iOS, some users want more features. Fortunately, there are many developers who are trying to create the perfect email client for iOS. Today, just talk about some of them.


Spike is a free email client that has a stylized Google look. The purpose of the application is to turn email into something more than just a set of letters, organizing all mail into a single chat.

Spike deletes email headers, signatures, and more to make email more like a chat. Other features include a single inbox, email grouping options, quick answers, a single calendar for all mailboxes and so on. Spike is a rather unusual client, but it is definitely unique and can be useful to many.


Polymail, another free client, is a more traditional email application. It has a convenient and “clean” interface with a useful feature for comments and references.

In iOS, Polymail offers useful features such as quick tags, reading emails later, and read receipts so you know that someone received and read your email. Other unique features include the ability to invite you to a calendar, unsubscribe from one-click mailings, plan email, track clicks and attachments, and more.


Airmail already costs 379 rubles. At first it was a mail client for Mac computers, but then it was developed for iOS. Airmail is a simple email application with a focus on minimalism. There is an “All Inbox” folder for quick email management, and if you slide your finger along the left edge, you will have access to folders for to-do lists, deferred letters and attachments, which is convenient for searching for specific content.

Airmail is compatible with many other services and applications, so you can integrate applications that you already use with your email client. The interface will not please everyone, but Airmail has an important feature in the form of cross-platform.


Spark, the free app from Readdle, is one of the best email applications. One of its features is the Smart Inbox, which first displays the most important letters without displaying mailings and other messages that can be left “for later.”

Emails are automatically subdivided into sections, which include Personal, Notifications and Mailings. Spark has a powerful search engine that makes it easy to find any email that we really liked in the application. Therefore, we use the entire edition.

Spark has the tools to discuss and collaborate on email, and this is one of the few email applications with such capabilities. Plus, there are smart notifications, so you only see mail when something really important arrives.

Of all the above email applications, Spark was our favorite. If you are looking for a new email application to try, it’s worth a look at everything on this list.

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