How to Find the Person behind an Email Address

We get many emails from unknown people and some of them are very curious about finding out the person behind the email addresses. There are no predefined methods to get the user details of an email address, but here are a few of tips which will definitely help you to trace most people only through their email addresses.

In our last post, we discussed Reverse Email Lookup this post will help you in tracing out the location of the person along with their postal code, Location ID server and a lot of things.

Technically the process of tracing a person through an email address is known as reverse email lookup.
These little tips might help you to trace the email address instantly. Some of the processes might get failed so because these are not official predefined methods.
Find the Person behind an Email Address

How to find out IP address?

If you want to know your own IP Address, here are the three methods to Check them.
These are very Simple and are very easy to find your own IP address
You can get your IP Address by just clicking on the below link and your IP Address can be automatically displayed on the screen.

How to Find my IP Address

Now you can get your IP Address. The below are the methods you can check through your PC directly.

How To Find My IP Address On A Mac

For Mac users, the question of how to find my IP address can be answered by opening up your Terminal program, and typing ”ifconfig” at the prompt. (Terminal is a program that comes free and installed by default on every Macintosh, and is located in Applications, under the Utility folder.)

How To Find My IP Address On A Windows XP / 7 / 8

For Windows users, here is how I can find my IP address. First, click the Start Menu, and select Run. Next, type ”cmd” into the box and click the ”OK” button. Finally, at the prompt, type ”ipconfig” and information about your IP Address will be displayed.

Use the IP address Of the Senders Email to Trace a person

Most email services provide IP address of the computer from which a mail was sent. Using this IP address can easily pinpoint the location from which the email was sent.

In Gmail

If you use Gmail account, then follow these instructions to reveal the IP address of the sender’s email.
Click on the inverted triangle icon to the top right of the message and select Show original.
Now press Ctrl + F to bring up the search function and type in “ Received: from “.
Copy the IP address besides the highlighted text enter that IP address on an IP address tracking site such as and will be able to find out the location from where the email was sent.

Look for Person using Email Address Search Username on Social Networks

There is a high probability that a person might be using their email’s username as an alias on most social networking sites. Over 450 million people over around the world use Facebook. It can appear that the person you received the message from also has a profile on this website.

A “search by e-mail” features is not available on the most social networking websites. Facebook is an exception. It allows you to search the person by email address only. The email address should be entered in the Facebook search box. Somebody with such email address will be shown in few minutes.
You can make use of a free web tool called Knowem to search for a particular username among multiple social networking sites. So you can easily get the name of the person along with their Location.

Search on Internet Directory

One can use internet directories to search for people based on their email accounts.
Pipl is one of the free services that let you reverse search for people based on their email addresses, phone numbers and names.

All you need to do is to enter the Name or email address or Phone number in the search toolbar provided

People Search

People Search Services as Email Search Tool will help you to find the information about the sender of the email. Reverse email lookup can be made due to such services.
Spokeo is another and also comprehensive database that scans Who-is information and domain names alongside with social networks. Any possible information will be found. Only Spokeo subscribers can get the results. So if you want to get all information available, you have to subscribe.

All of these methods can be used to find the person behind Email Address. You might not get the perfect Person’s Location Data but can definitely have a small hunch on the Unknown Sender.

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