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Brand new MacBook Pro – in 2021?


Interestingly, the analyst previously shared another forecast. Then Ming Chi-Kuo claimed that the really new MacBook Pro is worth the wait already in 2019. However, today the expert has changed his forecast on the release date of laptops. It is possible that Apple decided to refine the product to perfection to avoid problems that are peculiar to the current generation of MacBook Pro.

Unfortunately, the eminent specialist did not go into details, just saying that the screen diagonal of the future laptop will be 16-16.5-inches. Apple will be able to achieve this without increasing the size – solely by reducing the frame around the perimeter of the display.

Among other things, Ming-Chi Kuo spoke about Apple’s plans for the Thunderbolt Display. According to him, the product is worth waiting in the middle of this year. With almost 100% confidence, it can be argued that the new display will be presented along with the updated Mac Pro computer.

According to rumors,  Thunderbolt Display will be the most uncompromising solution for professionals – the display resolution will be 6K, and the screen diagonal – 31.6 inches. The appearance will also undergo serious changes – the monitor will become completely frame less, in the spirit of the modern iPhone and iPad Pro.

A mingled matrix will be responsible for the image, which will provide “outstanding image quality”. We take our word for it – Apple has always equipped its products with the best screens on the market.

MacBook Pro (Late 2012) – is it even “Pro”?

The last performance of 2012 Apple gave at the California Theater in San José. In addition to the venue, everything was as usual. Summing up, unshakable optimism, and as usual, not a word about problems and failures. The first year without Steve is over.

Opening the show, Cook reported something that had left a mark in the memory of Apple sometime in the past, which happened in this very theater at First South Street 345. What could it be? Not found. The place is really luxurious. Unusual.

Persons in the room: Bertrand Serlet (former head and chief ideologue of Mac OS X, mentor and teacher Craig Federigi who has already changed him in this post), Bob Mansfield and other people from the past. The hall for more than a thousand spectators is full. Officially – an event for the press, a kind of press conference. In fact, something more. Apple is all “slightly bigger” than everyone

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