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Apple has released iOS 17 beta 3 to developers. What’s new and how to install it for free


It would seem that quite recently Apple held a presentation where it introduced a new operating system , and the third beta version of iOS 17 is already available . Cupertino adhere to the schedule and are in no hurry, releasing updates every two weeks: this indicates that the developers are serious about the update, so closer to the public version, we will probably get something better than iOS 16 with all the accompanying sores. At a minimum, now you can safely use the new iOS without worrying about bugs in the design and crashes in applications. Here’s what ‘s new in iOS 17 and how to install it right now.

Unlike iOS 16 beta updates , whose cycle is nearing its logical conclusion, iOS 17 is only gaining momentum, so new features in it will appear like mushrooms after rain, and some may even go unnoticed.

What’s new in iOS 17 beta 3

It may seem that the third beta version of iOS 17 does not contain innovations at a cursory glance. But this is not so: here are a few improvements that have already been found.

    • The menu with recently deleted photos has been changed. Now the “Delete” and “Restore” buttons are hidden under the icon with three dots. If there is a Live Photo among the deleted pictures, you can click Save as Video.
    • The Emotion and Mood Records app has received a UI change and a new color scheme for different emotions . Now you can enable reminders to track your mood.
    • Apple Music now displays more comprehensive track information , including songwriters, composers, and those involved in the development of that song.
  • The Home application has changed : the splash screen at the entrance displays all the innovations, and you can also quickly change the color of the light bulb using the panel below.

The list of fixed bugs is still a secret, although there is a lot of work to be done – you remember how many bugs there were in the first beta . Users on the forums are already reporting that the system behaves much better. Here’s what you can say about the update now.

  • Safari is faster than previous versions.
  • The keyboard no longer freezes.
  • The Mail app doesn’t crash on launch.

But whether the problems with fast discharge are fixed , which are common to almost all versions of iOS, remains to be seen. Here are some of the improvements we made in the last version of.

  • Horizontal standby setting to turn off notifications except for emergency ones.
  • Apple Music has also been improved and there are new live widgets for this application.
  • The screen with geolocation has also changed in the system: a new item “Microlocation” has appeared in it.
  • In system applications, hints about the operation of certain functions are increasingly appearing.

In addition, the iOS 17 setup screen now includes a recommendation to create a backup , as well as links to the page with information about the beta testing.

How to install iOS 17 on iPhone

Anyone can download iOS 17 beta 3 right now. As you know, Apple has banned the installation of test builds using a profile , but there is another legal way.

  • Follow this link from any device and log in with your Apple ID.
  • Read the license agreement and accept it.
  • Restart iPhone and open Settings.
  • Go to the “General” section and select “Software Update”.
  • Under Beta Updates, select iOS 17 Developer Beta.
  • Search for an update, then click Download and Install.

Agree, it’s noticeably easier than using profiles to install beta installations? It’s just that you shouldn’t ignore creating a backup: the assembly is very raw, so along with new features it can easily contain errors that will turn your iPhone into a brick. Moreover, it is better to create a backup on a computer – in this article we explained how to do this, and also told how to roll back iOS 17.

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