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Apple has released iOS 16.1.2 to everyone with bug fixes. Downloading!


After skipping yet another beta version of iOS 16.2, on Wednesday, November 30, Apple introduced iOS 16.1.2 . The update was released immediately, bypassing the open beta testing procedure. Instead, it was checked and tested by our own quality control engineers. Obviously, the urgency with which it was required to release an update affected. This is also indicated by Wednesday, which is atypical for this kind of releases, because it is customary to release updates either on Monday or Tuesday. But there was clearly a reason for such a shift.

iOS 16.1.2 is a third-order update that, according to the classics, does not include new features. The fresh assembly in this sense was no exception to the rule. Despite this, in addition to the expected fixes for bugs and vulnerabilities, the update contains an improvement in the crash detection function for the iPhone 14 .

Everything. Nothing more interesting for users, according to Cupertino, the update does not contain. However, most likely, in fact, there are still more changes than we were informed about. The fact is that usually Apple does not include in patch notes a description of all vulnerabilities that were fixed in the latest version of the OS, publishing them on its website .

There are two reasons for this, I think:

  • Apple does not want to scare users with information about critical vulnerabilities that can be used to hack their devices;
  • Apple does not consider it necessary to bother users with complex formulations and vulnerability indices, leaving them to professionals.

How to update to iOS 16.1.2

Owners of all devices compatible with iOS 16 can install iOS 16.1.2 . Regardless of the fact that almost all the changes in the update are aimed at users of new iPhone models , you can even install it on the iPhone 8, which is the oldest smartphone eligible for the update.

To update to iOS 16.1.2 , you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” – “General” – “iPhone storage”;
  • Go to the backup section and make a backup to save all the data before updating;
  • Open the “Software Update” section and search for updates;
  • Download iOS 16.1.2 and install the update on your smartphone.

After the update, you may experience some problems with your device. For example, small jamming or a slight reduction in battery life. These are natural consequences that fresh iOS updates entail . Wait a couple of days and everything will be back to normal.

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