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Cool products for the New Year with Aliexpress, which you still have time to order


To beautifully decorate the house for the New Year, you need to spend a lot of money before that. A Christmas tree, various garlands and decorations – all this can cost a pretty penny. And this is not to mention the gifts that will be bought by all relatives and friends. Therefore, you should cling to every opportunity to save a little on home decorations and various little things. Especially for you, we found cool garlands , voluminous cards, New Year’s stickers, cool pillow cases and even a small children’s tree on AliExpress so that the child can have his own. All this will have time to come to you before the New Year. Just order right now.

New Year cards – buy

New Year’s gift is good and great. But you can supplement it with such a cool voluminous postcard . See what variety of options the seller offers to choose from. And it is not necessary to buy the same. For each member of the family, you can find something special that will definitely be remembered. Similar postcards in our stores are much more expensive, but here the price, one might say, is symbolic for such beauty. And most importantly, they can be used even just to decorate the house.

Garland with Bluetooth

Well, where in the New Year without a garland? But ordinary garlands are no longer fashionable. We suggest you look at this one controlled from a smartphone. You can comfortably, lying on the couch, turn it on, and change the color and mode of operation. Agree that it is at least convenient, and as a maximum – technological. Still – voice control – and you don’t even have to use a smartphone. But for such a price and regular Bluetooth is already good.

The coolest thing is that you can set a timer for the garland to work, and it will turn on and off at a strictly specified time. And thanks to the USB plug, you can connect it either to a regular power supply to charge your smartphone, or simply to a computer USB port .

New Year’s bottle cover

Agree that bottles with various drinks just standing on the New Year’s table are the most beautiful sight. But if you put such funny covers on them, then everything will look very cool. And they can also be used as gift wrapping. I think that any person who received a gift in such a case will definitely appreciate it.

Aliexpress – Christmas decorations

In the last selection of New Year’s goods, our author Ivan Kuznetsov suggested that you buy cool soft gnomes for the Christmas tree and just for decorating the house. In addition to them, I found these angels. They come in different shapes and sizes and will look great in any interior. And it is not necessary to use them for decoration, you can just give them to someone in addition to the main gift. It will turn out very stylish and sincere.

LED garland-curtain

But what if you have an ordinary Christmas tree garland, but the feeling that something is missing in the house does not go away? Then look at this curtain garland . Just imagine: inside the room there is a luminous Christmas tree, and there is such a bright curtain on the window. It will look just awesome. There are sizes to choose from for almost any window, so you just have to measure yours and order the right one.

Buy Christmas stickers

If you prefer to wrap gifts yourself, then you know how difficult it is to find stickers to seal the packaging in our stores. Of course, you can fill everything with glue, but then the recipient of the gift will have to completely destroy all the wrapping paper, which is not always good. Thanks to these stickers, you can carefully seal the gift and at the same time add even more New Year mood. One tape contains 500 stickers, so you will have enough for all your relatives and friends.

New Year’s pillow covers

For even more immersion in the New Year’s atmosphere, you can order these entourage covers for sofa cushions . They fit on all standard 45 cm pillows, so you can call them universal. Just see what cool prints the seller has to offer. If we are to create a holiday atmosphere at home, then do it in full.

Children’s toy – Christmas tree

So that your children are not offended that they are not particularly allowed to go to the Christmas tree with expensive glass toys, buy such a felt Christmas tree for them . It just needs to be fixed on the wall and the child can decorate as he wants. Included with such a tree are special toys that can be conveniently placed on it, and a small battery-powered garland . That is, you do not even need an outlet. You can just hang it in the nursery, and then the holiday will be in the whole apartment.

New Year’s potholders

Well, since we carry a holiday throughout the house, it is worth using the kitchen. At a minimum, you can replace for a short time all gloves and oven mitts with these festive ones. You can even use these accessories as a gift to someone because they look very stylish, and most importantly, they are practical.

Christmas balloons

If Christmas trees and garlands are not enough for you, then you can order such foil balloons . So Santa Claus, a cool snowman, a huge gift and even a Christmas tree will easily and quickly appear at your home, if there are either no others, or just few. Well, how children will be happy with them, this is understandable without further explanation.

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