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Apple has hinted at the iPad with macOS. Is it necessary?


Despite the fact that Apple devices operate in a single ecosystem, the presence of a large number of operating systems still puts consumers off a bit. If there is almost no difference between iOS and iPadOS, then there are quite a lot of differences between iOS and macOS, at least in appearance. And this is taking into account the fact that the latest version of macOS Monterey has become a little closer to iOS! I personally know a few Apple fans who would love to see macOS on the iPad, and it looks like everything is heading towards it: interesting data has appeared on the net about the operating system in the iPad! Let’s figure out what’s going on.

iPad with keyboard or MacBook

If you are tormented by this dilemma, then, apparently, this will soon come to an end. Apple has been hinting for a long time that it might start releasing tablets with macOS – mostly rumors, but there’s no smoke without fire. No matter how Apple denies it, everything says otherwise: the company has registered a patent in which it describes its keyboard for the iPad, which strongly resembles the same one in Microsoft’s Surface.

It is attached to the tablet with a special protrusion and has a small hinge, creating a fairly stable base. And it‘s not about the Magic Keyboard – in the new Apple patent, the iPad with the accessory looks like a single entity, and when connected, it gives out an interface that strongly resembles macOS with windowed mode and a toolbar at the top. There are no details: perhaps iPadOS will be customized for macOS or it will just be a special interface that mimics the functionality of Apple laptops.

On the other hand, if earlier all tablets were made on a chip from the iPhone, now the conditional iPad Pro on M1 can be transferred to macOS – there are no technical restrictions for this. The only question is, do Apple users need it? Many were satisfied with the functionality of iOS, but had to switch to iPadOS.

macOS а iPad

Users are sure that a gadget like the iPad needs macOS: it has endless possibilities, resulting in any action. Last year, one enthusiast managed to install macOS on iPad Pro, however, the launch was carried out through an emulator: because of this, performance greatly decreased, and starting the operating system before optimization takes about 20 minutes (after 5-7). Now even not the newest Windows 10 laptops start-up faster!

Many would like to install macOS on a tablet, but this is not of practical use, at least for Apple: at the very least, this approach will break the consistency of the device line. See for yourself: the iPad is needed to solve problems here and now, but working on it for a long time is not very convenient – there are MacBooks for this, which are a dime a dozen. In addition, Apple laptops and tablets have a clear separation. Like it or not, the iPad, despite Apple’s assurances, is still for many an auxiliary device or addition to the MacBook or iMac, if I may say so. Be sure to write in the comments what you think about this.

What is the best OS for iPad?

In general, the ideal scenario is the ability to choose an operating system for the iPad . As they say, to each according to his needs. At one time, NTS and many other manufacturers offered not only Windows or Android tablets, but also smartphones: the buyer could choose the OS that suits him best.

Apple could do the same, especially since, as they say, there is a request: many do not need an oversaturated iPad in a tablet – buyers would prefer a simpler version with iOS and the same interface as it was before. A conditional basic iPad would be ideal for this, for example, for children or the older generation.

Those who want a more professional gadget could choose between iPadOS or macOS : again, the iPad Pro would easily “pull” the operating system from the MacBook. You could probably buy an iPadOS tablet and upgrade it to macOS later for an additional fee if you can—just like jumping from a “home” version of Windows to a “pro” version. Or, conversely, roll back from iPadOS to iOS . In general, such an opportunity would be very interesting, given that many people take the iPad for different tasks.

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