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How to check for viruses Android smartphone


It seems to most users of modern Android smartphones that it is almost impossible to catch a virus now. In many ways, we can agree with them, especially considering that most manufacturers have implemented native security checks on their devices. However, loud headlines appear on the Internet every now and then: a virus in the calendar on Android or a virus on Android pop-ups, which means that checking a smartphone for malware still does not lose its relevance. In the article, I propose to analyze the best ways to check your phone and decide when to start sounding the alarm.

I have been using Android smartphones since Android 2.2 Froyo and have never encountered such problems. To be honest, since the year 2009 I forgot about antiviruses and did not install them even on Windows machines. Yes, a couple of times a year it was possible to catch a Trojan, but in this case, there was always the Dr.Web CureIt utility.

Are there viruses on Android

First, you need to understand what a virus is in a global sense:

So. There are no viruses in the usual sense of the word on Android since viruses on Android cannot spread. However, there are analogs that are called malware. They infiltrate your smartphone and steal certain data from there or quietly write off money.

What are the viruses on the phone?

There are many types of malware on Android. It’s impossible to list them all, but here are the main representatives:

  • Advertising viruses (slip banners).
  • Viruses with SMS or web subscription (charge money through an active link).
  • Programs that bombard you with messages.
  • Ransomware Trojans (block access to the phone and demand a ransom).
  • Wiper programs (wipe all files from the device).
  • RAT Trojans (can control your phone remotely).
  • Banking trojans (they steal bank card data).

How to find out if there is a virus on the phone

Recognizing malware on a smartphone can be extremely difficult. Recently, scammers have learned very high-quality disguise. It often happens that even on Google Play there are such programs that can bring your smartphone out of balance.

In principle, all the main recommendations follow from the list of similar programs above. We noticed that they deducted money from a bank card – it’s worth checking. Incomprehensible SMS come in or the phone quickly sits down – consider that this is the first call.

And, of course, it is important to evaluate the behavior of the smartphone over time. Suppose you recently downloaded a dating application from a third-party resource, and after a couple of days the phone began to live its own life . In this case, your device needs to be checked.

How to check Android for spyware

There are a lot of ways to check Android for viruses. It is clear that the most effective way to fight will be to install applications only from official sources and the Google Play app store.

However, if you have already noticed suspicious activity on your smartphone, you can download a special application that will help you recognize programs that have suspicious activity. Plus, it will add a few goodies, like checking applications before installing them and hiding personal photos in a separate album.

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is enabling autoscan. No matter what anyone says, Android malware is very rare. With all the precautions taken, you are unlikely to need a constant check. The application is best used in extreme cases.

How to protect your smartphone from hacking

Google has long understood the danger of malware and has provided its users’ smartphones with high-quality protection. The Google Play Store has a built-in Play Protect antivirus, which sensitively guards not only applications from official sources but also those coming from outside.

You can also help Google Protect improve your smartphone’s security. To do this, you need to set some settings in Google Play, thanks to which all information about suspicious applications will be sent directly to Google.

  • Open the Google Play app.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the profile icon.
  • Select Play Protection then Settings.
  • Enable the options Scan for security threats and Help improve protection.

By the way, have you noticed that in the past few years, all programs have bothered us with different access permissions to a particular function: allow access to the gallery, allow access to the microphone, and so on. This is done just so that some industrial calculator does not accidentally start following you through the camera.

Therefore, the main advice that can be given in this regard is to carefully look at what rights you grant to each program. And if it seems to you that a virus has appeared on your phone, check the access of applications to various functions :

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings, Applications.
  • Application permissions.
  • Review the list of programs, and disable suspicious software.


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