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4 best alternatives to Google Chromecast


Google Chromecast remains one of the easiest solutions to wirelessly stream between devices anywhere with a reliable Wi-Fi signal. It works for streaming entertainment content to a TV or for giving presentations. However, this gadget has decent alternatives that surpass it in many ways, or at least look no worse. Therefore, if you use it, then we have for you a selection of what might interest you as an update. If you don’t, then pay attention to them to start doing it. There are only a few devices on the list, but they really are the best of the best.

What to buy instead of Google Chromecast

NVIDIA Shield TV – NVIDIA media player

NVIDIA has been a streaming Android TV box with the same NVIDIA Shield TV hardware for years. In 2019, it received an updated processor that provides all the features it needs to keep up with new streaming competitors.

Shield TV is a device that, like the Chromecast, is designed to hide behind a TV, but at the same time delivers the best that Android TV has to offer. This means you get the best Google TV apps and services from the Google Play Store, as well as NVIDIA’s own services for gamers.

There is support for 4K and HDR content, as well as Dolby Vision and Atmos for TVs that support these technologies. Designed for gaming, the Tegra X1 + chipset delivers an impressive NVIDIA upscaling effect with AI amplification. The function allows you to convert 1080p video to 4K format. But she does this not nominally, but with a real improvement in quality.

Shield TV also offers excellent support for Bluetooth accessories. It includes a redesigned smart backlit remote with reassignable buttons. You can connect wireless headphones or speakers, a keyboard for entering credentials, or a game controller.

Now about the cons. Due to the small size of the case and the cheaper construction, the built-in memory is only 8 GB. True, there is a “crutch” in the form of support for microSD memory cards. You will need them to store content or download games from Google Play.


Chromecast from Google TV – new Chromecast

If you think recommending one Chromecast over the other is a bit weird, read the arguments first.

Chromecast with Google TV is completely different from the first few Chromecast models. At least due to the fact that he has a remote control. Rather than just relying on your phone to cast to your TV, Chromecast with Google TV provides a complete Android TV experience with a custom Google TV skin. In simple terms, this means that apps are now on your Chromecast from Google TV, not just on your phone.

If you’ve ever used an Android TV, you’ll quickly figure out how things work. The interface is similar to what is available on many other TV sticks and smart TVs today, so you don’t have to get used to the new one. The device also supports Google Cast, so you won’t lose out on the features you love from your existing Chromecast, but still get access to a ton of new features for relatively little money. You even get 4K HDR support.

Of course, not everything is so rosy, and there are also disadvantages, but it happens when you pay only $ 50 for such a product. Some applications do not have integration with Google TV, and the system itself slows down from time to time. Even if this does not happen so often, it is impossible not to say about it. I have not heard that this seriously bothered anyone, but updates still solve many problems. So the gadget can still be perfect.

Apple TV 4K – Apple box

Apple is known for producing high quality tech products. Sometimes, though not always, they are expensive, but they work great. This also applies to Apple TV 4K. It’s nice that this device can work independently. You do n’t need to be in the Apple ecosystem to activate it, install apps and view content .

For starters, Apple’s tvOS is very easy to navigate and supports all of the most popular streaming services with 4K HDR output and Dolby Vision. Apple has also started offering its own streaming media service (Apple TV +) that works great on the box.

Apple TV 4K comes in 32GB or 64GB options with no storage expansion options. I have always had the smallest memory and it was enough for me. On the other hand, if you or someone in your family wants to play games from Apple Arcade, they may run out of memory.

Roku Streaming Stick + – not everyone knows it

Roku is one of the leading streaming brands and offers products of all sizes, from full-featured set-top boxes like the Roku Ultra and Roku Express to smart TVs with built-in Roku.

The Roku Streaming Stick + can be chosen from the brand’s variety of offerings as an alternative to Chromecast. Please note, if you need headphone support, take the Roku Streaming Stick + Headphones Edition. If there is no such need, it is better to buy a cheaper model.

This unit mounts behind the TV, offering 4K and HDR content support. Unfortunately, Dolby Vision is not supported, but you do get Dolby Atmos support for certain apps. The Roku remote is nice and easy to use. It even supports voice commands, but I wouldn’t count on that. It’s not as full-featured as the Roku Ultra remote, which has a headphone jack, but you can achieve the same effect using the Roku app on your smartphone.

One of Roku’s greatest strengths is the interface and platform that are easy to navigate and offer excellent support for all major (and minor) digital media streaming services. There is a lot of free content available on the Roku Channel Store. However, you won’t be able to broadcast everything from your phone. So if you’ve enjoyed this feature on your Chromecast, you might be a little disappointed with your purchase. Personally, for myself, I would not have chosen , but did not tell him it was impossible.

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