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Apple specifically made its ecosystem so that you do not go to competitors


Apple’s ecosystem is like a golden cage. On the one hand, it is cozy, safe and reliable in it, but on the other hand, it is still, whatever one may say, a cage. You have no chance of getting out of it on your own, unless Apple itself will make some indulgence for you. Yes, most users don’t even think about it – they’ve been trained so well. But in general, this does not change the fact that the Apple ecosystem is under lock and key, the key from which the company always keeps with it and is thinking about throwing it away forever.

It may seem that the claim that Apple’s ecosystem is closed is not justified in itself. Allegedly, Cupertino did everything so that users were comfortable, and if you don’t like something and want problems, go to Android. In principle, everything is logical.

Another thing is that you just won’t be able to leave, because Apple has specially set everything up so that now it is almost impossible to transfer from one platform to another. This is tantamount to big problems and the loss of the digital content you want, and sometimes devices.

Why are there no Apple apps on Android

This went by the media, but the 360-page document of testimony given by Apple’s top executives in the Epic Games trial clearly states that Cupertino has built its ecosystem from the beginning so that users will not have the opportunity to leave. competitors.

Eddie Cue said it is vital for Apple to hook users on its Mac-only and iOS-only services in order to keep them. After all, having bought films, TV series, applications and music, they will not go anywhere. They will not only lose money, but they will not be able to find an alternative.

This rule applies to most Apple services:

  • App Store
  • iTunes Store
  • iCloud (can’t transfer WhatsApp chats, etc.)
  • iBooks
  • Apple TV +

AirPods and Apple Watch on Android

Lately, the linkage of music and movies to the platform has loosened a little, but only for new users who did not buy them on iTunes, but immediately subscribed to streaming services. The authority of iMessage has also fallen, which today almost no one uses as the main messenger.

However, instead of them, Apple offers its users gadgets that can only work adequately with iOS: Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod. You will either not be able to use them at all with Android, or you will lose some of the functions, as is the case with AirPods. So leaving iOS with such a fleet of gadgets is simply unthinkable.

On the one hand, Apple has every right to do what it does. She is free to decide what to allow or prohibit users of branded technology, setting strict rules and restrictions for them. And here there can be no definite answer whether this is good or bad, because she, as a manufacturer, benefits from one thing, and us – another.

Nevertheless, the words of the top managers of Apple, which they uttered during the trial, can clearly play against them. In the context of the new ethics and the strictest rejection of monopolies, the company may well be found guilty, fined and obliged to eliminate these violations. But whether we will be better from this is a big question.



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