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What you need to know about Android when switching from iPhone in 2022


For those who have been using iPhones for many years and could not imagine any other smartphone, disabling Apple Pay and deleting some familiar applications from the App Store served as a reason to change their minds. The outflow of buyers from iOS to Android is noticeable all over the world, but in Russia it is best seen. Due to the almost complete absence of restrictions, Android smartphones are now the best choice if you want to get all the usual features.

By choosing Android, you will still be able to pay with your smartphone in stores and even use Apple Music . But is everything as easy and simple as it seems at first glance? We tell you the main features that you need to know when switching to Android in the fall of 2022.

Google Play Payment

However, the App Store still has the option to subscribe and buy the app with your mobile phone bill. That is, as before, you can safely use iCloud, Apple Music and pay for any subscriptions that are linked to your Apple ID account

Google went further and turned off absolutely all payment methods. That is, you cannot buy a game or subscribe through Google Play . In such a situation, if you need subscriptions to some services, such as Google Drive, you can do it through the App Store and continue using it on your Android smartphone. This, of course, is inconvenient, but at least some way out. Fortunately, you are not limited to installing applications only through Google Play.

Download the banking app for Android

Since the most popular Russian banks came under sanctions, their applications were removed from both Google Play and the App Store. And if when using the iPhone it remains only to wait for the appearance of banking programs under other names , then with Android everything is much simpler. It is enough to go to the bank’s website and calmly download their proprietary application.

But you can make it even easier and use one of the Russian application stores specifically for installing and updating banking programs. Personally, I chose RuStore for its ease of use and the availability of almost all remote applications. We told how to use it in a separate article using Alfa-Bank as an example. Be sure to use if you plan to switch to Android .

How to pay by phone

Since Apple and Google simultaneously disabled their Apple Pay and Google Pay payment systems paying by phone in stores has become more problematic. And if you can’t use any alternatives on the iPhone, except for scanning QR codes or a banal bank card under a cover, then on Android everything is much simpler.

It is enough to install the Mir Pay application and pay as before. After six months of use, I can say that Mir Pay is no different from GPay. The principle of operation is absolutely the same, and the program works just as clearly. In this regard, when buying an Android smartphone, you will not have to give up convenient services.

Apple Music for Android

If you are used to Apple’s music service , then you can not change your habits. Just download the Apple Music app from Google Play , sign in with your Apple ID and use the app you’re used to. Even the interface will not differ from the iPhone. And most importantly, immediately after logging in, you will have access to your entire media library.

Separately, I note that the payment will have to be saved from the Apple ID account. As I said, it is not possible to pay through Google Play right now. Therefore, you will only have to rely on the fact that Apple does not block the latest payment methods for subscriptions. In any case, the main thing is that at least somehow it can be done. Of course, not all mobile operators work flawlessly. For example, my MTS number does not work. But someone writes that there are no problems with MTS in other regions. Here it remains only to check.

How much memory does android need

When you choose a new iPhone, you only need to choose the model, color and amount of internal memory. In the case of Android smartphones, the amount of RAM is also added here. Given that Android works with RAM differently than iOS, and allows a much larger number of processes to work in the background, there is never a lot of RAM in any Android smartphone.

If it is possible to buy a smartphone not with 8, but with 12 GB of RAM and at the same time not overpay a large amount, then it is better to choose the option with 12 GB. Plus, note that many Androids have the ability to use a memory card. It is almost impossible to use it to install applications anywhere. Therefore, regarding internal memory, the same rule applies here as in the situation with RAM: the more, the better. In general, you can study our material, and then you will definitely understand how much memory you need.


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