How to run Android apps in Google chrome For windows|MAC |Archon

How to run Android apps in Google chrome

Now its possible to run Android apps in google chrome browser,it just take some little work

Google chrome for android has recently released the first batch of Android apps available with four  Android apps to chrome was only a matter of time before some genius gave that power to how to run android app on Google chrome .

run Android apps in Google chrome

There are still  million varieties of broken and absolute nothing comes with a guarantee in addition to app there is no way exactly and officially supported it will also going to be messing about approximately with low level stuff in chrome , this is probably not some thing any user should attempt on a work computer nor should expect this to be very simple or Error free .

Prerequisite Archon custom run time:

Archon custom runtime at the moment is officially designed for chrome OS to know more about this developer Vladikoff created the archon custom run time , which not only supports windows OS  Linux to run android app , it also removes the limits on how more can be run .

Before getting started , you’ll need to download the chrome extension . This allow you to run Android apps in Google chrome in addition to this apps their still very much unofficial and unstable , So you don’t expect to run everything perfect and properly .

There are some kind of download options available for the run time that depends on your PC to check that whether if you have a 32 Bit or 64 Bit browser you can guide to Chrome;//chrome in your address bar or there is an alternate option that you can click three time line menu button in the upper right and select about Google chrome at the bottom .

Once you’re downloaded the correct version may take a some , As it’s a 100 MB file after completion of file unzip the folder then type chrome:/extentions in to your location bar to view a list all of your present extensions . Here select the developer mode box in the upper right .

Unpacked Extensions :

Extensions Basically come from the web store or prepackaged in a .CRX file . purpose of android apps  , now you are going to press load unpacked extensions and select the folder that contained the Unzipped archon or in this case android apk make sure it is enable and you’re very well to go .

APK Conversions in Android app :

Now a days android apps are on your mobile phone or tablet are not able to run in chrome OS , OS is also using the same kind of engine that android use , if you want  this thing to be happen you have to follow some methods like have to repackage for compatibility with archon this would be a very difficult task .

Once after the completion of the app downloaded and installed then open it up . there will be given two options for selecting an app

1 . install app

2 . Ask from phone storage   .

I Select Pulse as the app there started trying on chrome while you can technically run android if you want it to be run Android apps in Google chrome, phone or in tablet mode , you can also give the accessibility to run the files on your system or enable ADB if you are a developer .

Once after completion,the app will be converted in to a chrome-ready zip then need forward the file over to your pc either by
1 when the zip file is on your pc
2 unzip it
3 then go back in to chrome;//extensions
4 select load unpacked extensions
5 choose the unzipped folder
6 once its loaded in,click launch to access the app

And there you have it.
By Using this method, The app pulse will run perfectly .

Conclusion :

I hope  you like this article how to run Android apps in Google chrome , if you know any other technique please do share on comments .

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