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How to check a used Macbook before buying


Buying any device is, in a sense, a lottery. Even if the device is packed and has never been used, this does not mean that it will work perfectly. This applies to the iPhone, and, especially, the MacBook. A laptop from Apple is a rather expensive thing, especially at the present time. A big plus of the MacBook when checking is that it will not turn out to be a fake, as happens with AirPods. On the other hand, there may be hidden defects in a laptop: system or hardware-related, but it is possible to detect them. Today we’ll talk about how to check a MacBook before buying, what to look for and what nuances are important to know.

Macbook check before buying

External inspection is the first item on your checklist. Like any other device, you need to check the MacBook case for chips and cracks. They can be not only on a used laptop but also on a new one – the transportation rules may have been violated.

  • Turn the MacBook over and inspect the screws: they are difficult to open with improvised means. By the state of the screws, it becomes clear whether the MacBook was opened.
  • Check your MacBook display . Please note that the MacBook lid opens with one finger without additional effort. If the laptop is hard to open, creaking or other sounds are heard, this may result in display problems.
  • Turn on your MacBook and check the screen for dead pixels: all you have to do is set a light-colored wallpaper for the background. See dots on the display of a new laptop – refuse this purchase. For used, 3-4 dead pixels are acceptable, but no more.
  • Check out the MacBook keyboard . Launch any text editor and type in the text. It is important not only to check if the keys work, but also to determine how smoothly they are pressed, if there are any interference when pressed. If during the test the MacBook keyboard worked , and then stopped – study our material.
  • Check out how the trackpad works on a MacBook . It is important to find “dead zones” – areas where gestures and clicks do not work. The cursor should move smoothly across the screen.

How to check macbook serial number

Any Apple technology has its own code, which confirms its originality, as well as the availability of a guarantee. Also, this MacBook serial number for more information:

  • About the manufacturer.
  • About the country where the device was assembled.
  • Displays the build day.
  • Shows information about the modification.

Many are interested in where to see the MacBook serial number . This can be done in different ways.

  • Look under the bottom cover – it is printed there.
  • Go to “Details”, select “Hardware”.
  • You can find the serial number of the MacBook on the box, as well as on the store’s check upon purchase.
  • After you see the serial number, you need to check the originality of the MacBook . It is very simple to do this by analogy with the iPhone or AirPods.
    • Go to the Apple Authentication page.
    • Enter the serial number.
    • Get device information.
    • How to check if your macbook is working

      Next, you need to check the health of the system and its speed. When you turn it on, pay attention to the download speed – this reflects the condition of the MacBook’s hard drive . What do you need to know?

  • Older MacBooks (pre-2015) start up in 35-45 seconds. Modern MacBooks with SSD – in 10-15 seconds. You can even catch a stopwatch: if the MacBook takes a long time to boot , it’s better not to buy it – otherwise you will have to invest in repairs and troubleshooting.
  • If you’re buying a new MacBook , you shouldn’t be prompted for passwords when you turn it on. If they are, then you have a used MacBook in front of you.
  • If you’re buying a used MacBook , note that it seamlessly logs in and out of an iCloud account.
  • Pay attention to the availability of documents for the device: if they are, it means that you really have an owner.

How to check hard drive on macbook

Don’t forget to check the status of your drive. It can be either HDD or SSD. Checking is important both when buying a used MacBook , and when buying a new one.

  • Open Disk Utility .
  • Run it and pay attention to the “SMART Status” item – it should be “Verified”.
  • On a MacBook with an SSD, check the write and read speeds. Try Smartmontools .
  • The write speed should be above 300-400 Mb/s. For an SSD,

How to diagnose macbook

Next, you need to run Apple Diagnostics to check the laptop for hardware issues.

  • Turn off your MacBook and unplug all external devices
  • If you have a MacBook with an Apple processor : during startup, hold the power button and release it when the options window appears. Press Command .
  • If your MacBook has an Intel processor : Hold down the B key while turning it on and release it when the progress bar or language selection appears.
  • After running the test, you will see the results, which will contain error codes. The Apple website has a full description of these codes.

How to check macbook battery

The MacBook battery is designed for about 1000 cycles, after which autonomy begins to plummet. We recommend checking both a new MacBook and a used one.

  • Go to the Apple menu in the corner of the screen.
  • Select About This Mac.
  • Click “Overview”, then “System Report”.
  • Select Hardware, then Power Options.

In the list, you will see “Number of recharge cycles” which indicates the health of the MacBook’s battery.

What to Check When Buying a MacBook

In addition to the display, system status, and hardware failures, it is important to check the graphics card and connectors.

  • To test your graphics card, run a powerful program or game. Set the optimal settings for your laptop: everything should work without delay.
  • Pay attention to the connectors and check their performance: all should function without problems and failures.

Most importantly, don’t be fooled by the low price . Already, all new and used MacBooks have jumped in price, as has the iPhone: an offer at too attractive a price is a rarity . Remember that it is better to select several options at once in order to determine an acceptable price for yourself and build on it.

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