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The concept of Mac mini with Touch Bar and unique design is Amazing


Last month Tim Cook hinted that Apple will continue to develop the net mini Mac mini because it considers this product as “an important company for development.”

Global update Mac mini has not been for almost four years, so Apple is waiting for a really rethought the computer.

Considering the appearance of several technologies, like Face ID, Touch ID, Siri, Touch Bar, which Apple managed to translate into final products, German designer Luis Berger created the concept of Mac mini with a unique design.

Taking the best of the Mac Pro 2013 release, touch panel Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro and Face ID scanner, Berger turned out an impressive concept.

Apple Macmini

Touch Bar Mac Mini

From a technological point of view, Apple has no barriers to developing such a PC, but whether Joni Ive will decide on such a Mac Mini.

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