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5 camera features of the new iPhone 15 that will help you take photos like a pro


The entire iPhone 15 line turned out to be not only very cool due to innovations, but also really expensive, especially for Russian users – the cheapest smartphone will cost almost 130 thousand rubles! True, this does not bother domestic Apple fans at all, who broke the iPhone 14 record in terms of the number of pre-order applications. But most of these people don’t even know what they are paying for: in particular, the iPhone 15 has an updated camera , and this even affected basic models. So, before ordering a new model, read our article to know about new features before everyone else!

Portrait photography on iPhone 15

Despite the fact that the front camera of the iPhone 15 remains the same – 12 megapixels – it has been upgraded by software. Thus, it received a new generation portrait mode with increased detail and improved shooting in low light. Moreover, it now turns on automatically when you point the camera at any object, person or animal.

After pressing the shutter, the system saves not only the photo itself, but also its map, including depth, so that you can change the focus point after the image is taken! A super feature for those who forget to switch to the desired camera mode and remember about it only later. You can do this directly in the Photos app or by transferring photos to your iPad or Mac.

What kind of camera does iPhone 15 have?

In 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max received a new 48-megapixel camera for the first time. It came as a surprise to some that one of the main innovations of the base iPhone 15 was precisely this – in fact, owners of the “tag” can take photos of the same quality as the iPhone 14 Pro Max , although Apple said that this is a completely new sensor.

It is important to understand that it is not only megapixels that decide: the developers also added a 2x optical zoom, which works through algorithms. So, now the regular iPhone 15 has three shooting modes – 0.5x, 1x and 2x, and the zoom is implemented here by cropping from a higher quality photo. Apple also promised to protect the iPhone 15 cameras with a new additional coating that will protect images from glare when shooting, but judging by the reviews of early users , it does not work.

How to take high resolution photos on iPhone

As you know, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max take high-resolution 48 MP photos extremely slowly, as the smartphone takes time to save a large file. And sometimes, in a hurry, users forget to switch to high-quality shooting mode, so the pictures are taken in normal quality – only 12 megapixels. Agree, it’s a shame when your smartphone is capable of more?

Apple has introduced a cool feature into the new smartphone, thanks to which the main camera of the iPhone 15 shoots in 24 megapixel mode by default . This way, the pictures will be in optimal quality and file size, which is quickly created and stored without taking up much space. At the same time, basic iPhones will retain the HEIF format so as not to waste storage space, and Pro versions will retain ProRAW to work with sources.

iPhone with the best camera

As many previously assumed, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will receive the most powerful camera, the highlight of which is a telephoto lens with 5x 120mm optical zoom. It is based on tetraprism , which, according to Apple, was only installed in the Pro Max version. It reflects light four times before hitting the camera sensor, making it suitable for creating landscapes or events from long distances.

In addition, this design is more compact than the periscope found in other smartphones, so the iPhone 15 Pro Max does not grow much in size. Digital zoom has now increased to 25x, and the iPhone itself can replace several lenses from a professional camera.

How to transfer video from iPhone to hard drive

The Pro versions of the iPhone 15 have finally turned into movie cameras: now video in ProRes can be recorded directly to external media in 4K/30 fps or 4K/60 fps to choose from. This will allow you not to be limited by iPhone storage and choose a version with a minimum amount of memory so as not to overpay. The connection is made directly via the Type-C connector , but may increase battery consumption.

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