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10+ Helpful New Year’s Resolutions apps Android

10+ Helpful New Year’s Resolution apps Android:- Like weekend every year last month is know as season & vacation time. And now its time to say bye to 2017 and want to welcome the New Year 2018. In the upcoming New year 2018 we should have a great blast and bash with loads of surprises coming ahead, Responsibilities that to be followed, Goals that to be achieved ,Dreams to be full filled.Everyone of us are excited about it, We desire for a better life. Many of us make New year Resolutions To make a better living, To get rid poor habits, To manage our time, To get our body fit , To save money etc. We have our own reasons of making New Year’s Resolutions apps Android. install Movie & Box Office apk for android here.

We are very good at making New year resolutions but not at following them. We lose our motivation by the end of January. But Don’t give up, Don’t lose hope. We have a solution here !

Smartphones are here to help you with there apps. Those few New year Resolution android apps can guide you in the right direction and coach you to stay on track.

10+ Helpful New Year’s Resolutions apps Android

Health Related Apps

1. Nike+ Running

The Nike+ Running is best partner keeping track on the amount of distance you have travelled, Calories you have burned and progress of your workout pace using GPS connectivity maps

You can download it here

2. Swornkit

This Circuit Training app having two modes Strength Training and Yoga,cardio & more. Once you select the mode it Randomly selects the workouts for the amount of time you set up. This is best app preferred by many celebrities . get your cinema box app apk for android ios.

You can download it here

3. Fitocracy 

It is another Workout tracking app Which lets a platform for your friends to compete against each other. To check the Distance

You can download it here

4. Run Keeper

Similar to Fitocracy it is workout tracking app which Maps automatically the route and gives the results of your distance, calories burnt and other details on the go

You can download it here

5. Fitsby

Even it is a Workout motivation app but not similar to the above two, it had extra bit of punch making your money to put into. You and your friends have to put the desired amount, the one who completes the challenge wins the lot.No one resist to lose the hard earned money fitsby makes you to work hard for that


You can download it here

Nutrition/Diet Related app

1. My Diet Diary 

This apps works just like a diary where you just give the information about the food you’re consuming, the amount of water taking,exercises your doing and weights this will help you to track the weight loss and also reminds you to drink water. It gives results whether your on right track of losing weight or no


You can download it here

2. Calorie Counter 

Dieting alone doesn’t work if you want to lose weight, Knowing about your Diet also matters. This app has huge database of the Food information,the amount calories the food your eating has and also provided barcode. This app is definetly a handy one to keep track on your diet

You can download it here

3. Quitnow 

QuitNow app helps you to quit smoking with several features. What you have to do is that just give the information of the smoking history and the gender of your’s. This app gives the track of the money you’ve saved, how long since you have quit smoking, and how your health progressing in the meant time. It also has the achievement badges you earn making you to say alvida to tobacco !! with a lot of fun

You can download it here

Apps that lets You Save Money

1. Betterment 

You just sync the credit and bank accounts to track the transactions and purchases.It will be able to track the transactions via eReceipts , or otherwise you can take pictures of your paper receipts

You can download it here


What you just have to do is that add your different types of bank accouts. To add just go the website and add your personal bank, loan,credit and retirement account to the You can now track the transactions you’ve made

3. Hello Wallet

HelloWallet allows you to track multiple bank account balances. It also gives you a summary of your budget progress and can average out your spendings based on categories you’ve created.
You can download it here

Time Management apps

1. Astrid Tasks

This app lets you to add To-do list and add reminders for the day, week and months. It goes beyond simply setting up alerts and reminders by allowing users to complete the tasks and also share tasks with others. This app is good for every day alerts and remainders 

You can download it here

2. Now Do This 

This is single task to do app. Just Create a task and complete or else you can ‘Skip task’ for the tasks you can’t do right now.

You can download it here

Hope this article given you more info about New Year’s Resolutions apps. If anyone feels, that I’ve missed any New Year’s Resolutions apps Android above then share it with us in comments below! Stay tuned at TechOverall for more interesting techy info!

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