Your Cat Is In Dire Need Of An IPad Or An IPhone

There was a time when we required balls made of yarn or something that required our physical presence for playing with our cats.

But, with technology taking over, there has been a massive turn-around. You are no longer required to sit and play with your cats to keep them busy.

You just need to feed your cat with one of the apps that are specifically designed for your cat and your cat will remain busy with that whole day around.

With life getting tough each day, and less n less time available for entertaining cats, these apps are the best way out for keeping the cats busy.

Demand for these apps during recent have seen a massive increase, one of the company developing these apps records over 20,000 downloads per week on iTunes and in total their games have received over 2.7 million downloads.

Furthermore, over 12000 videos of these apps have been uploaded on YouTube till date.

But, what are these apps about? These apps are mostly developed on day to day activities of a cat. Like in one of the games the cat is tempted to chase food on the mobile screen, which seems real to the cat and it interacts with the screen as if she is actually chasing the food.

There are games that are scripted based on Tom and Jerry story, there is a mice running all over the screen and for the cat it’s like chasing the real mice.

These are only 2 types of games that are the most popular with the cat owners; you may check the app store yourself for a whole lot of apps to choose from.

But, there is a worry which most cat owners have: What will happen to the phone or table PC if we give away the complete control to the cats? Well, the cats aren’t that forceful (for dogs you have to think differently) so no need to worry about that. Just cut their nails and buy an old iPhone or iPad for them.

But, remember one thing never download any apps from third party stores as these apps can be a potential risk to your phone. Lastly, before downloading any apps do check out for its reviews not only on the app store but outside it. Even talk to the cat owners if you know any, as a boring app can lead to a decline in the interest of the apps and they might never get interested again in any of the apps you install for them.

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