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Xiaomi Introduced A Cool Product, And It’s Not A Smartphone


Xiaomi Introduced A Cool

Xiaomi, long ago overgrown the smartphone manufacturer, has released its new product under the sub-brand Mijia. They invented a computer mouse with a fingerprint scanner on the case, designed to provide its owner with an additional level of protection against unauthorized access by third parties.

Finger Print Mouse

In appearance, the mouse Smart Fingerprint Mouse is an ordinary optical manipulator with a wired connection and a small touch area in front of the scroll wheel. There and then the manufacturer built a fingerprint scanner, which, as it turned out, has an unusually wide range of applications.

For example, thanks to it you can protect not only the data recorded in the computer’s memory but also accounts on all sorts of web resources, online banking applications, and even e-mail. In total, according to the manufacturer, in the memory of the manipulator, you can enter information about 100 accounts.

Mi Fingerprint Mouse

In addition, Smart Fingerprint Mouse has a Microsoft security certificate, which means it can be used for authorization in Windows 10 using the Hello function. Thus, the user of “smart” mouse from Xiaomi gets rid of the need to enter, and most importantly constantly keep in memory a large number of passwords.

The accessory is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 1600 dpi, and its body is made of high-quality polycarbonate. Each key is designed for five million keystrokes, which was confirmed by Xiaomi experts in the laboratory. The retail price of a mouse in China at the current rate is $ 31.

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