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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Original Apple Accessories


Apple doesn’t make cheap products. This is the unspoken position of the company on which its authority is built. High prices, on the one hand, allow it to produce high-quality goods, and, on the other hand, prevent them from sliding into consumer goods that anyone can afford. But Apple has forgotten that it is not Vertu, and if it does not start making at least accessories for its products more accessible, then the consumer will simply go to competitors. And among Chinese manufacturers, there are a lot of those. Therefore, I have long abandoned the official Apple peripherals and relied on Aliexpress, where there are a lot of accessories, the quality is not worse than the original ones, but much cheaper.

Do not be alarmed: I will not advise you on slag, which is unpleasant even to take into your hands, not to mention using it. Instead, I will offer you accessories that: a) are as close as possible in quality to the original ones and b) are marked by high ratings from users who have already purchased them and managed to form their impression of them. Then say thank you.

This Lightning-USB-C cable from Baseus meets all the criteria that apply to this kind of accessory. Firstly, it has MFi certification, which means it is completely safe. Secondly, it supports the USB-PD standard, which means it is suitable for use in tandem with high-power power supplies. Well, and, thirdly, it is cheap. For the meter option, you will pay only 259 rubles if you use the promo code RU20W17.

Charger for iPhone

Chargers for the iPhone, which Apple produces itself, are a separate type of rip off. I understand that the company makes them in compliance with all necessary safety requirements, but other manufacturers also produce equally high-quality solutions. At the same time, they somehow manage to set much more affordable prices for their products. If Apple has a 20-watt power supply for 1990 rubles, then Ugreen can buy it without discounts for 700-800.

Take a look at this power supply. As for me, this is an ideal alternative to the original model. It has an output power of 20W, supports Quick Charge 3.0 and 4.0 standards , as well as USB-PD, and is MFi certified. I myself use such a charger and do not know grief. It charges both iPad and iPhone, and, if the need arises, other devices. Thanks to the universal USB-C connector, you can connect absolutely any cable to it.

Buy Chinese MagSafe

With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple presented us with a conditionally wireless MagSafe charger , which attaches to all new iPhones with magnets and charges them at 15 watts. This is relatively fast charging, as conventional wireless charging stations charge Apple smartphones at just 7.5 watts. But have you seen how much this MagSafe costs? As much as 4000 rubles! But you can save a lot of money by buying his replica on Aliexpress.

This thing can safely replace the original MagSafe for you . Fortunately, it looks the same as the original, and the power is identical – 15 watts. Obviously, this charger does not have MFi certification, but better than any “crusts” in favor of its reliability and safety is a high rating on AliExpress and more than six hundred positive reviews. Users write that this MagSafe is no different from the original, neither in perception, but in functionality. So you can take.

Chinese iPhone Case

Apple cases are a real publishing house. For some reason, in Cupertino they decided that they could ask for 4-5 thousand rubles for silicone cases with a plastic base inside. Perhaps they are of some special quality? And here it is not. I used these and I can say that colored covers quickly get dirty, and it’s impossible to wipe them off. And leather ones do not age nobly, as they should, but simply wear out, and their edging comes off irrevocably.

Naturally, there is no point in paying that kind of money for a regular iPhone case . It is much more economical and more correct to take such a case. Here you can choose the color of your choice, and in the assortment of the seller there are a lot of options for a variety of iPhone models. There are even cases for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, not to mention the newer ones. And they cost mere pennies – in the region of 130-170 rubles, depending on the model for which you buy a case. Yes, these can be changed without a twinge of conscience every month.

Strap for Apple Watch

Despite the fact that Apple Watch straps do not wear out as quickly as iPhone cases , I would not buy them for the official price. Apple is asking too much for them. But it is absolutely not necessary to spend money on straps and bracelets to the fullest. You can always save money if you buy them on Aliexpress. It’s good that the quality of Chinese fakes is at a fairly high level, and the price is lower by tens, and sometimes even hundreds of times.

If you are afraid to run into slag, buy from trusted sellers like this. There are more than 40 thousand orders and almost 9k reviews with an average rating of 4.9 points out of 5. This is a very serious indicator that is extremely difficult not to drop. The assortment also includes silicone straps for the Apple Watch in different colors from 60 rubles, and leather ones, and even copies of the original Milanese loop bracelets. In general, everyone will find something to their liking. And since the prices here are simply junk, you can order several options to choose from.

How to connect headphones to iPhone

When Apple released an adapter from Lightning to a mini-jack for 800 rubles, many thought it was a joke. Well, this little thing can’t be worth that kind of money. But it turned out that it still can. At least for Apple. But, of course, no one in their right mind would pay such an amount for a junk, in fact, accessory. And it is not required. After all, Ali has absolutely identical externally and functionally analogues 8-10 times cheaper.

The essence of this adapter is only to connect headphones with a 3.5 mm jack to the iPhone. Of course, such a thing should not be expensive. 

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