Why Should People Root their Android Mobiles ASAP? [7 Reasons]

As one of my recent article deals about Rooting Android Mobiles, I got some thoughts about rooting! I’m just wondered about Rooting process and many people love to root their own android devices. So why people are more interested in rooting their device? To get a perfect answer for this question I surfed internet and got some Points about Rooting your Android Device. And those reason can perfectly suits Why you should Root your Android Device? Many people thinking that rooting the android device gives you a great access than a un-rooted android mobile. It may be true! But it also got some drawbacks. But in post we’re going to discuss about Why People Should Root their Android MobilesAre you confused? Here this post share some main reason about it!

Should People Root their Android Mobiles

I’ve listed some good reason to perform the rooting process. If you are searching any tutorial for rooting your device and wrongly landed here, then don’t worry about it! Just check out this article till the end and you will came to know about the Advantage of Rooting Android Devices. After knowing the usefulness of Rooting, you can root your device without any hesitations 😀

Lol 😀 Talking too much, isn’t? Ok, here I stop my blumering and lets check out the Hot Reasons to Root Your Android Device. Here we goes,

Automate Your Taskes

Its a well known feature and everyone loves to have it! On un-rooted mobile you can’t automate majority of your taskes. But if you have rooted Android Device then you can automate your task as you like. Some apps need to be installed with pre installing an Automation program.So in that case, you need to visit Google Play Store and get a Task Automater. This one is more popular on automation taskes. And this app lets the users to do everything in automation process. These things can be done on un-rooted mobile itself. But you can experience some features with this condition.

Some features like Toggling 3G, Chaning CPU Speed, GPS, Tracking and other stuffs need to have a perfect rooted android mobile. And you can find many apps to have access to such stuffs mentioned above and surely rooting process can give you extra access to your Android mobile.

Application Install/Uninstall

As everyone knows, Android OS is based on Linux Operating System and its an open source software. So this will not give you some accessment to some features which will be blocked by the developers. So if you’re in need to install some VPN app or anyother app which got other feature than other. And you download it and trying to install. But it fails! It is blocked by your Mobile manufacturer or carrier. So in this case what can you do?

Rooting is the only solution to fix it! Here rooting play a vital role and once you root your Android device you can install any applications as you like. Yeah, all these installation and uninstalling issues will be vanished with a simple rooting process.

Boost up in Performance Speed

In un-rooted condition you can optimize your Android device by using default or some apps like Ccleaner or with some utilities android applications. You can go to setting and turn off the notifications and disable the unwanted apps to Force Stop. That’s what can be done in normal condition mode! But it is totally a big differ in Rooted Android mobile 😀

In rooted mobile you can achieve the maximum CPU performance, I mean its clock Speed. And under clocked for better battery life than normal un-rooted condition. If you don’t like default, then users are allowed to use some 3rd party applications to hibernate apps automatically when you are not using it! So if you do so, you can save your battery and the speed of multi-tasking performance can be increased rapidly on your Android mobile.

Having Data Back Up

So before executing the rooting process you need to make a whole back up of your saved mobile data. It is more essential to be done! Sometime rooting process may delete or corrupt your data. So when you buy a new gadget you need to switch all data to that mobile. For that you need to have full data back up. So this rooting process may help you take the whole back up of your data. And it makes easy device transitions with few taps on your device.

Blocking Ads

Most of the people won’t like Annoying ads which are shown up while browsing, listening to music, playing games and more. So in order to block such ads you need to install some ad removal apps for Android. The best one will be Adblock Pro. If you install Adblock Pro you can annoy all those ads from your device and you can use your Android mobile ad free. But the one thing to be noticed! For using and installing this Adblock Pro app on your Android Device you need to get your device rooted first. Yes, you need a rooted Android mobile!

Removing Pre-installed Apps

While buying a new mobile you will find many applications which is already installed by your developer or mobile manufactures. So in normal condition you can uninstall them or remove them. For than you need to root your mobile. If you root your mobile then you can Remove these Bloatware from your Android device in single tap. Once you remove all those apps your mobile may get speed up in its performance and you will get some extra memory/space too!

Modifying As you Like

After rooting your mobile you will get better user experiences than normal UI. Before rooting you can find many customization options too! But those are limited ones and you can over changed those setting as you like. Here with rooted device you can change & tweak your Android phone to your liking to higher level. You can customize your own OS for your mobile with your own design. The best thing, you can also flash Custom ROMS or Kernels at anytime. Flashing can be done when you’re not satisfied with the current package is good enough!

These 7 Hot Reasons can change anyone to Root his/her own Android Device. Don’t tell I’m convincing nicely! These above mentioned are facts and that’s why many people love to root their android mobiles. Rooting your device is upon you! I’m here just giving you good information about the Advantage of Rooting Android Device. Hope you will like this post!

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