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Why Apple Accessories are White ?


One day a friend of mine set out to buy custom gold-colored AirPods. She wanted to stand out so much that she didn’t just buy regular AirPods and take them for painting, but immediately found a suitable color. So I did not understand the joke – why did the white Apple headphones displease her? After all, this is the company’s corporate color: white iPhone, iPad, EarPods. Even chargers! The white smartphone and accessories can be seen from afar. By the way, why do the accessories have exactly white color? And what does white mean to Apple?

What do colors mean in marketing?

Business color expert Karen Haller explained the meaning of colors in marketing: shades affect how consumers feel about companies. The colors for the devices are chosen to entice the customer to purchase. So, in her opinion, white reflects the simplicity and brevity of the product – the ideal color that fits the company’s philosophy. White is used by medical companies and children’s brands to soothe and win over people.

Have you noticed that medical equipment, for example, in a dental office, is necessarily white? Perhaps 15-20 years ago we saw old devices that terrified us by their very appearance. They were replaced by light equipment for various operations – now going to the dentist or another doctor does not seem as terrifying as before. It’s all about the furnishings and colors of the room.

Former Apple design director Johnny I’ve always loved white and really wanted to make devices that color, but Steve Jobs did everything he could to prevent it, not counting white as a color. Therefore, the first iPod was not pure white. This is how different shades appeared: for example, snow-white, cloudy white, and others. Apple CEO approved moon gray, which many considered white.

Later, Jobs still chose white as the main color for the company’s products. Since then, the color has ceased to be associated with washing machines, refrigerators, and other household appliances, and Apple fans began to purchase more white cars so that everything was “in Apple’s color”. It is believed that technology in this color is best suited for popularizing the brand: on white cars, the nameplates and logos that are installed at the factory are better visible. A similar story is with white iPhones: they better show the “bull’s eye” and the stamping located on the lower part of the back panel of the device.

Why Apple Accessories are White

White accessories are very beautiful, albeit easily soiled: over time they become dirty, collecting all kinds of dirt from a backpack or bag. That’s why the calculation: the original accessories are exactly the same color for the reason that Apple gadgets are easy to use.

Headphones, wires, and adapters should be the same. Thanks to this color, devices acquire smooth lines and streamlined shapes – note that white devices are much prettier than black ones. And thanks to the fact that white is the company’s corporate color, you will recognize these gadgets even from afar. I love that the original Lightning cable is white, do you?

How to choose an iPhone color

While the original accessories are still in white, iPhones are now colorful. Why is that? Firstly, all smartphones are, in principle, tired of the monotony of colors. Yes, white and black phones looked strict and went well with any clothes and appearance, but looking at the world in B / W is like combining three colors in clothes, they say, this is how it should be. And young people need to be attracted somehow: please, here’s a yellow, red, mint iPhone.

Choose the one that is more interesting, that suits your mood more. For example, the purple iPhone was released separately in this shade, because it was Steve Jobs’ favorite color, and among the applications for Mac there are still many purple labels. In general, this color is associated with vulgarity, tastelessness, but the shade in which the iPhone 12 is made is more nostalgic and sentimental.

Why a white iPhone is more expensive than a black one

Back in the days when the iPhone was only available in two colors, there were often situations where a white iPhone cost more than a black one. Many associated this with racism, discrimination, and other modern problems, but everything turned out to be much simpler,

Secondly, Apple fans in the world, in principle, love black smartphones more, so the number of iPhones released in white turned out to be fewer. Thirdly, Apple has made great money “on show-off” of buyers: many paid more, just to get the coveted color. I myself faced a similar situation when buying an iPad: I wanted gold, but it was more expensive than tablets of regular colors.

Personally, I hope the company continues to produce accessories in white. They are very pretty and stand out from the cheap multi-colored headphones and cords. The same charging adapters look very cool – the black version is unlikely to be that good.


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