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Why Android users no longer want to switch to iPhone


It’s hard to say where this came from, but there has long been a strong opinion in society that all Android users without exception want to switch to iOS. Most likely, the reason was the stereotype about the low prices of smartphones based on the OS from Google. Say, people who cannot afford an iPhone just buy Android and suffer with it, dreaming of switching to a device from Apple. In fact, this is not the case. No, of course, for some people this is how it happens, but for many, Android is a deliberate choice that they are not ready to exchange for an iPhone for anything.

Android users are less willing to move to iPhones this year than before, a SellCell survey of analysts found. Experts surveyed more than 5,000 Android device owners and concluded that in the run-up to the iPhone 13, the number of potential defectors has dropped significantly compared to last year.

If last year the share of users who considered the possibility of switching to a new iPhone was more than 33%, then this year it almost halved, dropping to 18%. The reason turned out to be the iPhone 13, which did not live up to user expectations. They explained that they were not interested in the transition due to the limitations of the new product.

Which is better: Touch ID or Face ID

First of all, Android users were confused by the lack of a fingerprint scanner. In the screen or on the case – it doesn’t matter. There were most of them – almost 32% of the total mass of respondents. They said that they consider Face ID not a convenient and secure method of verification (there are even such among us ), which even biometrics can only be called a stretch.

The second place with a share of 16.7% among Android users who do not want to switch to the iPhone was taken by the argument about the limitations of iOS in the field of customizing the interface. Representatives of this category of respondents were confused by the lack of an opportunity not only to customize the system but even to place application icons in different parts of the desktop, etc. In fact, they are right: Apple does not have this today.

The third most popular reason not to switch to iPhone, with a 12.1% share, was a feature that Apple promised to introduce this year to scan photos, emails, and messages for child abuse and child porn. Users were confused by this initiative, given that there is nothing like this on Android. At least officially.

Is Android really better than the iPhone?

To be honest, none of the arguments that Android users make against the iPhone seem to me to be untenable. It’s very easy for me to talk about this because until recently I myself used Android and sincerely did not understand how you can use Face ID at all. However, a few weeks with the iPhone 12 showed that facial recognition is a more convenient system than fingerprint scanning, and Apple is unlikely to ditch it in favor of Touch ID.

As for customization, I disagree here, albeit to a lesser extent. Perhaps, it’s true, Apple should give users the ability to place application icons anywhere on the screen, not just in order. But there can be no complaints about the rest. Over the years Cupertino has allowed us to do a lot more with the interface than before, customizing its appearance, etc.

Scanning photos is a complex topic. On the one hand, I am against it, because such a method of searching for rapists is absolutely useless. However, something tells me that it was not Apple’s own initiative, but coercion from the special services. Anyway, now Apple goes to various tricks like setting the minimum number of porn photos to qualify.


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