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Which tablet to buy for a child


What is the best gift for modern children? Of course, some cool smartphones or tablets. Not only can you brag to your peers, but also comfortably play with toys and surf social networks. Someone will say that children should be protected in every possible way from such things. But let’s be objective. In the 21st century, leaving a child without a smart device means moving him into the distant past. Naturally, everything should be in moderation, but it is also impossible not to let him use such things at all. You can get quite the opposite effect.

That is why it is worth immediately acquiring a child such a device that will be of high quality both in terms of hardware and software. The iPad 9 is such a device. In this article, we find out why the ninth-generation iPad is the best tablet for children on the market.

iPad 9 – Screen

First of all, in the iPad 9, you should highlight the screen. It’s a great IPS panel with a high pixel density that doesn’t suffer from PWM at all. Due to the high density, the image on the screen looks holistic and does not have grain at all. And the absence of PWM has a positive effect on the eyes. Now manufacturers are trying to install OLED and AMOLED screens in some tablets, which is not the best option for children’s eyes. In this regard, the version from Apple looks preferable. Plus, it is perfectly calibrated and has the most natural color reproduction.

Here, on board, a comfortable diagonal is 10.2 inches. This size is comfortable to work with. It contains enough information to not constantly flip the page. Its only drawback is the air gap. But let’s be objective, most users won’t even notice it. If you are concerned about this point, then look at the tablet before buying. I am sure that the screen will not cause you any questions.

Parental controls on iPad

But iron is iron, and any device for children should have good parental controls. As with iPhones and more advanced tablets, there are no problems with this. Firstly, Guided access is always available to you, thanks to which you can limit the tablet to only one application within the specified screen boundaries. That is, the child will not be able to just get out of it or press unnecessary buttons.

Secondly, through Screen Time, you can link the tablet to your iPhone or iPad and limit the time you use individual applications. At the same time, you will always be sure that the child will not sit out in toys or social networks. Such settings are also available on Android tablets, but no one can boast of such settings to be installed from the parent’s device.

iPad games

When a device is purchased for children, the disadvantages noted by adults can immediately be turned into pluses. For example, many are unhappy that Apple does not allow you to install software from third-party sources. But if the child cannot put some kind of left application, then this is already a big advantage. You can be sure that no malicious software will appear on your tablet.

And okay, just malicious. App Store policies do not allow apps containing adult content with related images to be added to the App Store. When a child uses a tablet, such restrictions are clearly an advantage of the platform. At the same time, a large number of different colorful toys will allow you to usefully spend time and learn something useful. Be sure to try these games:

Bottles Test tubes. water sort
My Talking Tom
My Talking Angela 2
Save Simba
Ski Safari 2 (paid game)
Cats and soup
Cut the Rope: Time Travel GOLD (paid game)
The main thing is to control internal purchases. Therefore, be sure to limit this in the settings or do not add your payment method to the child’s account. Plus, many games are primarily released for Apple devices , so your child will appreciate such a purchase.

iPad 9 – case

The main advantage of any Apple technology is a large number of different accessories. Given that the form factor of conventional iPads has not changed for many years, you can find a large number of cases without any problems. Moreover, most of them can be turned into the most convenient stands so that the iPad does not have to be held in your hands. For a child, the device is still quite weighty.

If you try, instead of the original Apple Pencil , you can even snatch an inexpensive analogue that will allow your child to draw on the tablet screen . And then the iPad will turn from an ordinary toy into a tool for children’s creativity. Buying a branded pencil just “to try” is, of course, a very expensive pleasure. But the analogue is perfect for a child. And most importantly – it will not be a pity in the event of a breakdown.

iPad 9 price

When buying any device for a child, you also don’t want to overpay much. iPad 9 in the entire line of Apple tablets has the most optimal price. For 25.5 thousand rubles, you can buy a 64 GB iPad 9 with Wi-Fi. This is enough for a child to use comfortably. A certain amount of toys will fit in this amount of memory, and you can even download some cartoons so that they are always with you on the device.

Definitely not worth buying the version with SIM card support. It is unlikely that you will give a tablet to a child with you to kindergarten or school. Most of us have Wi-Fi at home. Therefore, it is definitely not worth overpaying for such a version. Of course, you can find tablets for significantly less, but none of them will give you the same experience as any iPad. This is truly the best device that Apple has released.

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