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Which stylus to choose for the iPhone and how they differ


True Apple fans know that the company never released a stylus for the iPhone because it thought it was a rudiment. According to Steve Jobs, the user’s finger is the best stylus for a smartphone. He was right. The iOS interface turned out to be so well sharpened for touch control that there was simply no need to resort to the help of foreign objects. Over time, the quality of touch recognition has only improved, but with the introduction of the Apple Pencil for iPad, people began to look for something similar for the iPhone. Well, you don’t have to go far.

Analog Apple Pencil for iPhone

If you need an analog of Apple Pencil for iPhone, then I hasten to disappoint you: it will not work with smartphones due to technical incompatibility. But on the other hand, I have in mind the most similar option. It is equipped with a removable ferrule with a flat contact part with a diameter of 1.5 mm. This is key because the iPhone’s touchscreen works in a circuit-based manner, and the contact area needs to be slightly larger than a traditional Apple Pencil for a touch to be recognized.

Despite the relatively thick contact area for a tablet stylus, this pencil is perfect for drawing on either the iPhone or iPad. Unlike the regular Apple Pencil, this one does not require a Bluetooth connection and therefore does not recognize the degree of pressure. However, in order for it to work as expected, it must be enabled. It is enough to press the activation button, and the stylus will work, and after 30 minutes of inactivity, it will go into sleep mode.

Buy a cheap stylus for iPhone

For those who need something cheaper, there is such an option. This stylus for iPhone costs about five times cheaper than the previous one, but it is a little simpler. First, you do not need to force it on. At its end there is a small magnet, which is responsible for closing the circuit, simulating touch. And, secondly, the contact pad of this stylus is arranged a little differently: the magnet is covered by a silicone pad, which is needed for more accurate positioning and holding the contact when tilting.

The manufacturer claims this stylus as a drawing solution, but, in my opinion, it is still more suitable for managing the interface. The design of the stylus is such that drawing – at least painting or shading objects – will not be very convenient. But for single clicks or for scrolling, it will do just fine. Consider this feature if you decide to buy. Fortunately, such a stylus costs very little money.

Mini stylus for iPhone

The stylus is far from the most convenient thing to carry with you, especially if you use it with a smartphone. After all, if the smartphone can still be put in a trouser pocket, then there is no place for a stylus, which usually has the shape and size of a regular pen. Therefore , such a solution is suitable for transportation . It’s a super- compact iPhone stylus that lets you put it anywhere: in your shirt pocket, or in your jeans pocket for a lighter (or what else is it used for there?).

But it has all the features of a capacitive stylus. The rubber tip effectively completes the circuit and makes it easy to interact with the iOS interface. Yes, drawing with this thing, perhaps, will be even less convenient than the previous stylus from this collection. The tip is too thick here. But on the other hand, it is convenient as an ultimatum solution for interacting with a touchscreen.

Stylus Pen for iPhone

For lovers of everything universal, I have a stylus like this. This is a 2-in-1 solution that combines both a regular refill pen, which writes with blue paste, and a capacitive stylus. Pen on one side, stylus on the other . For all the strangeness of this setup, the practical benefit of it is higher than that of classical solutions. Well, think for yourself: carrying a regular stylus with you is still a pleasure. Even if it’s small, it’s another extra thing.

A pen with a built-in stylus is a different matter. Many people carry a pen with them all the time: to sign something or just for the sake of solidity. But the need to leave an autograph often arises not only on paper, but also on documents submitted in electronic format. I myself periodically sign documents on my iPhone or iPad and send them by mail. But doing it with your finger is not very convenient. For this role, it is much more comfortable to use a stylus.

Glove for drawing on iPad

And this is not really a stylus. Or rather, not a stylus at all. But a very useful thing for those who use them. This is a glove. But do not think, it is not defective and not spoiled. It was specially made so that it hides only two fingers and the main part of the palm with which you rest on the surface when writing or drawing. Thus, the screen on which you move the stylus will not come into contact with your hand and will not recognize her touch.

The glove is presented in three sizes: S, M and L. That is, an artist with different hand sizes will find a size option for himself. Further a matter of technology – we put a glove on the palm and ring finger with the little finger, and with the other three – the index, thumb and middle, hold the stylus and draw. It is clear that such a glove will be more useful for tablet users, but for smartphones the glove is simply not needed, given the size of their screens, which do not exceed 6.7 ”.

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