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Which case is best for iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max?


Agree, the flagship line of Apple smartphones looks amazing. Every time you watch the September presentation, you have mixed feelings, sometimes even some disappointment – well, here again, the old design, this same monobrow or fringe. But it’s worth coming to a store or a showroom and picking up a new phone, as this very Apple magic begins. You simply wonder how wonderful it looks, how amazingly it lies in your hand, how beautiful the cases look in new colors, and how the classic colors of the bodies of fresh flagships look unusual in a new way. And now, literally in a couple of minutes, you already want to surrender your last-year device via trade-in and stand in line for a brand new iPhone. And I really do not want to hide such beauty in a protective case.

Well, at least the first days, a week, a month. But we all know what the fall of this beauty on asphalt, tile and even on the laminate of the house leads to. Front glass and rear glass – yes, it is very painful and incredibly expensive. And if this happened in the first days after the purchase, try to find a high-quality Chinese counterpart and a service center where they will do it all in beauty (although we have one in mind ). And the surgical steel frame scratches and rubs very well.

The desire to sell the gadget in a year or two at a good price causes the desire to preserve the presentation in every possible way. So you have to buy a protective glass and a cover immediately with the purchase of a new flagship.


1What are the covers for the iPhone
2What cases for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Apple sells
2.1Transparent Case on iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max
2.2Silicone Case for iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max
2.3Leather Case iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max
3Other Original Apple Cases
What are the covers for the iPhone
The variety of accessories for apple technology on the market can only be surprised. China generously supplies its customers both through AliExpress and similar platforms, as well as direct deliveries to traders who massively import all this to our warehouses, and from there straight to various shops and stalls. In almost every supermarket, metro stations, and markets, in a word, a wide variety of covers are everywhere sold and services for gluing protective films and glasses are offered. At one time there was a fashion, especially, it concerned women, buying iPhone cases with all kinds of sparkles, rhinestones, hare ears and other preclude.

Men mostly took practical classics made of silicone, mostly dark, some chose special shockproof designs that significantly thickened and weighted the iPhone.

And there are very good analogues of the original covers. In general, the entire Chinese range is designed for an audience who wants to either something unusual and original, or to save a lot of money. But in the latter case, it is worth recalling the saying that the avaricious pays twice. For example, for iPhone 6s I had to change a good quality “a la leather” case before the end of the first year of operation. Non-original covers Smart Cover for iPad have not lived with me for a year.

The same was true for non-original smarkeys – magnets did not work well for them and they did not always succeed in locking-unlocking the tablet when closing-opening, they were pretty worn out and began to break after six months of operation.

Another thing is the original covers. A real leather case for iPhone 6s I lived for four years. He pretty wiped and worn out, but his resource worked out in full. Therefore, today in this article I will share the experience of using original accessories for my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

What cases for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Apple sells

Our favorite company sells the following original cases for its flagship smartphones:

  • clear case;
  • silicone case in twelve colors to choose from;
  • leather case in six colors;
  • Folio leather case in five colors;
  • Case Smart Battery Case in three colors.

The lower segment for the price are the first two representatives – transparent and silicone cases, respectively, the upper price bar is occupied by the Folio leather case and Smart Battery Case. Let’s try to deal with each of them individually.

Transparent Case on iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max

Apple has created this amazing accessory for its latest flagships to emphasize their beauty. I also really did not want to hide the amazing dark green color of the case under the cover, so the transparent version seemed to me ideal at the beginning of the operation of the gadget.

Today, on the official Apple website, this accessory costs 3349 p . Of course more expensive than the Chinese counterparts. But these analogs usually quickly turn yellow, break, scratch and protect the iPhone poorly. What about the original case? According to Apple, it is made of transparent polycarbonate and flexible polyurethane.

And one more thing – he is not afraid of water, unlike an expensive leather case. Therefore, given the protection of the flagship iPhone according to the IP 68 standard (immersion in water to a depth of 4 meters for up to 30 minutes is allowed), this is the most suitable option. Of course, I did not experiment with immersing the iPhone in water. We all remember how previous generations of flagships (X and XS) could easily refuse Face ID after an unsuccessful swim. But fact is fact. After accidental contact with the liquid, it is enough to remove the cover, wipe it and that’s all – you can continue to use it without any problems.

And one more thing, as Apple promised, in four months this cover did not turn yellow. This is where the benefits end. And the disadvantages include, first of all, the fact that he is terribly difficult to remove and dress. At least the first time. Here, many readers in our Telegram chat may object why they often take off and put on their case. From my previous iPhone, I really took off the original leather case just a few times in all four years of use.

But here, under the transparent material, all dust and very fine specks, dirt, sand, etc. very easily fall. Firstly, it annoys visually, because the whole aesthetics of the iPhone’s appearance is lost, and secondly, small particles of dirt, sand and debris can become a good abrasive material that easily leaves more than one scratch on the back of the device itself. When removing and putting on a cover, sooner or later cracks on the corners begin to appear, as a rule, first of all on one or immediately on both lower ones.

And yet, contrary to the assurances of Apple, it is pretty scratched, well, just like a case for Airpods headphones. From a distance everything seems to be beautiful, but close up, especially in good light, is a complete disappointment and this is literally in the very first month of operation. The case is rather fragile. With a good fall of the iPhone, it will most likely crack, with minor drops it will be pretty scratched.

It turns out for such a price a transparent case can hardly be called a premium product of high quality. I believe that he is absolutely not worth his money.


Silicone Case for iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max

The smartphone in the case rests confidently in the hand without the risk of slipping out. The back of the cover is quite stiff and has microfiber inside. This is definitely a big advantage over a transparent case, since the back glass of the smartphone is much better protected from scratches. Another advantage is the easy cleaning of the cover from dirt. For example, I cleaned mine with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol, and the appearance of the cover did not deteriorate. The outer part of the cover is not afraid of contact with the liquid, but the inner part with microfiber should not get wet.

The disadvantages include, first of all, the so-called “rubber effect”. This is good when you hold the smartphone in your hand, but very bad when you try to put or get it out of the narrow pocket of jeans or trousers. The rough surface clings to the lining and often extends the inside of the pocket along with the iPhone. Even from a purse, which I often carry with me, for this reason it is not very convenient to get a phone.

The second disadvantage of the silicone case is its unique ability to attract all dust and dirt to itself. The benefit of it is quite easy to clean. You just have to do it often. Well, or put up with a not very presentable appearance. Over time, the matte surface of the cover begins to overwrite. First, it begins to “shine” at the corners and ends, and then already over the entire surface. I have not dropped my iPhone from a great height yet, but many users in different forums complain that when they fall at the corners and ends, the silicone cases break at the point of impact, which exposes the plastic and makes it look depressing. But here it is worth understanding the true purpose of the case – the protection of the iPhone itself.

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