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What you need to check in iPhone as often as possible


All iPhone owners know perfectly well how iOS differs from Android – it is an operating system in a smartphone that is ready to use right out of the box. It does not require painstaking customization, detailed settings – everything in it is almost perfect by default. Despite this, it is still worth getting into Settings from time to time: iOS has a number of interesting chips, indicators and menu items that you should sometimes check. A little tampering with the system doesn’t hurt at all – on the contrary, it’s helpful to be aware of how your iPhone is doing. By the way, thanks to this, you can not only optimize the iPhone but also revise some habits. Here are some tips on what to check on your iPhone more often.

Photo in iPhone

Since buying my first iPhone, I’ve trained myself not to store useless screenshots and unsuccessful photos on my smartphone. And yes, it’s not that my iPhone 6 Plus only had 16GB of storage. This is a good habit to help you avoid messing up the Gallery. Unfortunately, over time, I completely stopped sorting photos, storing everything, and even rarely look in “Recently Deleted”.

But in vain: this folder contains hundreds of images, videos and other nonsense that must be removed from the smartphone. Make it a rule to do this at least once a week! You will put things in order, save some memory, so as not to unnecessarily bloat the gallery to several thousand files.

How to Delete Podcasts from iPhone

The convenience of podcasts on iPhone is that you can download them or even save them to your phone’s memory to listen to later. Agree, this is a convenient option when there is no way to use the Internet. After listening, episodes can remain in the iPhone’s memory, or they can be deleted immediately. How to do it?

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select “Podcasts”;
  • Scroll down the screen and turn on the slider next to “Delete listened to downloads”;
  • Now episodes will be deleted after listening.

By the way, you can save podcasts to your collection so as not to lose episodes in the feed. It will be saved if the Load on save option is enabled. Let’s figure out how to delete a saved episode if you don’t plan to listen to it.

  • Go to Podcasts;
  • Go to the “Media Library” tab;
  • Select “Downloaded”;
  • You will see a list of shows, in which you can delete all episodes entirely by holding the podcast icon for a long time.
  • You can delete it individually: go to the podcast and swipe the episode to the left.

Some podcast episodes can be 200-300 MB depending on quality and length. Delete what you’ve played from time to time to free up space on your iPhone.

What is Battery Capacity in iPhone

which is disappointing. Nevertheless, the battery in the iPhone is probably the most wearing out element, a consumable and there is nothing you can do about it. However, check Battery Health at least once a month to see how long your iPhone battery will last . Perhaps the rapidly declining percentage of maximum capacity will remind you to buy an original adapter from Apple . By the way, we even have a detailed breakdown of the declining battery capacity.

IPhone app updates

If you haven’t looked at the App Store for a long time , then it seems like it’s time to do it: you probably have a lot of updates on your list that need to be installed for a long time. Unfortunately, iOS does not remind that there are app updates – only a red sticker with the number of updates on the App Store label can talk about this. You need to install them wisely and first check what is new in them. They not only include new features or designs, but also better protection for your device from malware or hacking. If you do not go to “App Updates” for a long time, then enable “Automatic downloads” in the iOS Settings.

Safari iPhone Preferences

I’m sure your iPhone has the Safari browser installed by default: it really is more convenient to use in most cases than Edge or Chrome. It’s good to look into Safari’s Preferences from time to time to clear your browsing history and clear your cache – resetting your browser is always useful to free up some free space. In addition, Safari Preferences is another reason to look into the Extensions section: there are more and more of them every month. Not so long ago, we picked 9 of the most interesting – be sure to install them if you want to make Safari a little better.


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