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What will the iPhone SE 3 be and when will it be released


For those who are dreaming of buying a new iPhone that can be used in one hand, with Touch ID and a chip that tears elite models of competitors to shreds, I have two news. Such an iPhone will come out, and even the Home button will not go anywhere. Moreover, it will support 5G (up to 6 GHz). It’s good news. But it will not be released this spring, and not even in the fall – the iPhone SE 3 and iPhone SE Plus will be presented to the public a little later. The bad news is that the retro-styled iPhone will have the exact same chip found in the iPhone 12s. And although this model is not yet available, we can look under the hood of it.

iPhone SE Plus design

Externally, the iPhone SE 3 will be almost the same as the iPhone SE 2. Perhaps they will be indistinguishable from one another. Instead of the Apple A13, the iPhone SE 3 and SE Plus will have the Apple A15, the same system-on-a-chip found in the iPhone 12s. If the 5G modem is located on the A15 crystal, and no minor changes are required to support 5G, SE 3 will cost the same $ 399 as SE 2 (in Russia, in a configuration with 64 GB of flash memory, it costs 39,990 rubles ).

Naturally, Apple will be accused of helplessness, inability to cope with basic engineering tasks. But the novelty will still be bought – 5G is still attracting sales, more and more. Years from now, when the iPhone SE Plus and iPhone SE 3 are released, it will hardly be over.

iPhone SE 3 specifications

To use new technologies, which are expected to appear in the new version of iOS, the device must have at least 4 GB of RAM. iPhone SE 2 – 3 GB. Nowadays, even 128 or 256 GB of flash memory is no longer listed – 64 GB is not even worth talking about. According to some rumors, the iPhone SE 3 will have 128, 256, or 512 GB, according to others – the capacity of flash memory will remain the same.

Unfortunately, the second option is more likely. Low cost is more important, and it will justify this disadvantage. The display will also remain the same. LCD, with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a resolution of 1334×750 pixels. It is not OLED or mini-LED, but it would hardly be appropriate in a retro smartphone. Another important point: due to 5G support, the iPhone SE 3 will require more power – despite Apple’s ingenuity, you cannot do without increasing the battery capacity. With the ban on changing the geometric dimensions of the case (and the battery), this task is not trivial.

It is known that Apple is working on increasing the charge density in batteries, by 15-20 percent. But how things are with this development and whether they will have time to release the iPhone 12s (then a new battery may appear in the iPhone SE 3) is unknown. The characteristics of SE 3 will be significantly steeper than those of SE 2 due to the new chip. The only thing we know about the Apple A15 is that it will be produced by TSMC, using improved 5nm technology (N5P), which makes the Apple A15 more economical and more efficient than the Apple A14.

What will the iPhone SE Plus be like?

In fantasies about a beautiful new iPhone SE 3 (and iPhone SE Plus, about the size of an iPhone XR ) There were many versions – but the most popular of them told about a device that can be used with one hand, with an OLED screen on the entire front surface, and without archaic design elements like the Home / Touch ID button. After all, Face ID is more progressive.

The most amazing thing in this story is that this iPhone came out. Last October. This is the iPhone 12 mini, a notorious niche product with almost no sales news. It is not in any of the ratings. And even the iPhone SE Plus of these fantasies can be found in the 2020 lineup, this is the iPhone 12. Only they do not cost 399 and 499 dollars in a configuration with 64 GB, but more expensive. But the iPhone 11 is a bestseller, a world champion, it still leads the individual standings in the most prestigious ratings, its circulation is huge, and the cost price could not but decrease because of this. Perhaps a budget iPhone will be based on it.

Judging by the intensity of the speeches of supporters of small smartphones on the network, there are a lot of them. This is not their time, the share of smartphones with a screen diagonal of less than 6 inches is constantly decreasing, now it is a record low – only 10%. There was only one surge in demand for such smartphones – it coincided with the start of sales of the iPhone SE 2. But it is not worth drawing far-reaching conclusions from this fact. The iPhone SE 2, in addition to being small (4.7 inches diagonal), is also a very cheap smartphone with good performance levels. Very many, oddly enough, prefer screens with physical material buttons to screens on the entire frontal surface. The iPhone SE 2 was able to attract interest, making it one of the top ten best-selling smartphones in the world. Therefore, the iPhone SE 3 is inevitable. But the iPhone 12 mini, focused exclusively on lovers of small smartphones,it didn’t seem to take off.

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