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What will be different iPhone 2020


Apple does not always promptly delight its users with innovation. The same wireless charging appeared much earlier in Android smartphones, not to mention NFC and other functions. But this time in Cupertino, it seems, they decided to keep up strongly: although many manufacturers have already announced and tested smartphones with 5G support, this solution is not yet widespread on the market. Until the fall of this year, the situation is unlikely to change much, and new data from analysts indicate that fifth-generation networks will be in all iPhone 2020 models.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release an iPhone with full 5G support this year. All models, except for the budget version, will operate at mmWave frequencies. Thus, the new iPhone will be able to work in two standards at once.

5G networks consist of two standards: NSA (non-standalone) and SA (standalone), which operate at frequencies less than and greater than 6 GHz, respectively. The first standard is provided with the same power as LTE, so it works with the same frequencies. At the same time, the second standard, also known as the “real” 5G, operates at mmWave frequencies (6 GHz) and is potentially capable of speeds above 1 Gbit / s.

However, it’s too early to rejoice. The same source said that a full-fledged 5G will work only in five countries – the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, and the UK. So far, only in these countries is there the necessary infrastructure for launching 5G at frequencies above 6 GHz. Due to the short wave, this standard requires the presence of a large number of towers nearby, which many operators simply do not have.

When will the iPhone 5G come out

It turns out that the important distinguishing factor for the 2020 iPhone is not the absence or availability of support for 5G networks, but whether they support the millimeter range (mmWave) of such networks or only “up to 6 GHz”. Let me remind you that in the fall Apple will expose to the public six new iPhone models.

In addition to supporting 5G in the iPhone 12, other breakthrough innovations are expected. Among them is a 3D sensor of the surrounding space: Apple has too many leaks on this subject, possibly intentional. The iPhone 12 will have a 6.1-inch LCD display and two cameras on the back of the case. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro 5G (with mmWave) have an OLED display, a 5.4-inch diagonal and two cameras on the back. The iPhone 12 Pro Plus, iPhone 12 Pro Plus 5G, and iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G have 6.1-inch OLEDs.

iPhone SE 2 coming out in March?

Interestingly, even against the backdrop of this information, rumors about the release of iPhone SE 2 do not stop. The iPhone 9, which is what it is called, is still awaiting in March. This is where only 4G support will be. Plus a 5.1-inch LCD display, Apple A13, Touch ID, the only camera on the back of the case and a very low price. Apple has accumulated a lot of unused parts and components, they must be disposed of. The model will sell well, but outstanding results should not be expected from it.

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