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What to give yourself to your beloved for the New Year


Agree, it’s hard to choose gifts for the New Year when Santa Claus is yourself. On the one hand, I would like to take myself a new Scoda Rapid in the maximum configuration. On the other hand, it is usually a pity for money even for the original iPhone case. It seems that it is much better to save a little money and invest it in useful things. Moreover, lately the Internet is literally teeming with different investment guides. I don’t know about you, but I clearly decided for myself – I will only consider inexpensive gifts. And what do we need a lot or what? So I decided to once again look at my beloved Ali.


Charging Apple 3 in 1

The hit parade opens with a contraption, which I have dreamed of for a very long time, but I still cannot collect my thoughts. The reason for buying it from me is good. At home, every now and then, my wife flies in for the wires scattered throughout the apartment. Well, what did you want? Life is hard for the authors of MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods – all this has to be charged every day and several times.

Charges of this type on Aliexpress are simply dark. This solution attracted me because it supports charging for headphones via Lightning. When I bought my AirPods, wireless hasn’t been invented yet. Plus, this thing has a 5.0 rating , which is quite rare.


Apple Watch nylon strap

In general, I think the Apple Watch strap is the best gift for an Apple fan. When I just bought myself an Apple Watch, it seems to me that my loved ones were just jubilant. Shockproof case, strap, glass – there are a lot of accessories for Apple smartwatches. Now in my collection there are 4 straps, but I would not refuse the fifth one either.

It is clear that first of all we all buy ourselves universal accessories. To drive to work, to the world, and to drive at home. And later, having got everything we need, we stare to the left. I made my choice – a nylon Loop will do! And I will decide on the color later, there are a lot of them here.

Xiaomi sippy mug

I first saw this mug in a small boutique in a shopping center about a year ago. Since then, this thing has never left my head. The scenario of its use is clear as the day put the Mac on the table, brewed strong tea (it is also Thermomug ), and enjoy the work.

I remember how long I twisted it in my hands in order to understand the mechanism of attachment to the table. It turned out that there is a small suction cup at the bottom that holds the mug. Naturally, I checked it in practice a thousand and one times. I assure you that everything works as it should. Confused by the price. In the boutique, the device cost about three thousand. By the way, on Ali, a mug will cost you 1.6k .

Ugreen Car Holder

Yet again. There are a lot of smartphone holders on different sites. There are many: on magnets, with different mounts, completely plastic, with metal inserts. But you ask me why this one?

A couple of months ago, I watched a YouTube video that came out to me in the recommendations, where different holders were tested. Ultimately, Ugreen won. Well, and then, you understand, it remains only to meet him somewhere. Came across, immediately thought: we must take it! And only after a while did I realize what was what.

Not only does this thing stick tightly to the phone, it also takes up very little space in the car. Plus, different holder positions are available. Conveniently, you can hold your phone horizontally. For the navigator – the very thing. The rating is appropriate – 5.0. This product has been ordered 457 times, with 192 reviews.

Wireless PowerBank Baseus 10,000 mAh

I am currently using Xiaomi’s 20,000 mAh PowerBank. There are two reasons why it should be replaced. The first is that it is too bulky, the second is that there is not enough wireless charging. I, frankly, do not fully understand why these devices have not yet completely replaced the classic banks. Even if someone doesn’t use wireless, just let it be.

There are no doubts about the quality – Baseus after all. Special thanks for the percentage LED panel and Type-C input and output. Plus, I really like the look: stylish, fashionable, youthful. Everything I like. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the price at the link below. Rating 4.9, reviews 234, orders 851.

Adapter to iPad Ugreen

Why do I need a USB hub on iPad? You better not ask me, but Apple. Who thought of depriving the 3.5 Jack of the main multimedia device from the ecosystem? If you see any sacred meaning in this, please write in the comments below the post. In addition, from time to time you have to connect an external keyboard via USB. Yes, that has happened.

On poppies, it is best to buy hubs with a wire, because they leave one free connector, but on the iPad you need to take a thin one, with a minimum of ports. Specifically, there are 5 of them: two USB-A, Type-C, HDMI and Jack. This solution fits the tablet like no other.

Square iPhone case

And with this eighth wonder of the world, I came across just recently. The bottom line is: a simple case that completely covers the iPhone (including the camera unit) and gives it the shape of an iPhone 12+ with chopped edges. Feels one to one. I compared the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 with my eyes closed and found no difference. Naturally, I immediately wanted to buy it for myself.

The seller offers 8 colors: white, black, blue, green, peach, purple, pink and light green. The range of models is very large: from iPhone 6 to 13 Pro Max. Product rating 5.0, orders 400, reviews 220.

Leather MacBook Sleeve

One could easily buy the original Apple Leather Sleeve MacBook for 15k, but above I said that I decided not to spend money on expensive things in the New Year. In addition, the WiWU case is in no way inferior to it. The same skin (well, almost), the same cool minimalistic design – everything is as it should be. The case is available in five different colors and comes in many different sizes. Rating 4.9, orders 1315.

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