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What kind of Apple technology is better to give for the New Year?


Many, as a rule, postpone the purchase of Christmas gifts for the last moment, but not at all because they are irresponsible and simply forget. They just know that the closer the long-awaited holiday, the more profitable it is often possible to buy gifts, especially with regard to technology. This is true, and the last sale of the year from our partner store Apple Store and a selection of gadgets from will help determine the choice of a gift.

What will we buy? Of course, the technique of Apple, the New Year is all the same! And if someone coincides this holiday with his birthday, then definitely it is necessary to please the birthday boy with a cool gift. But the budget, as we know, is different for everyone, so for convenience, we will sort the devices into categories and select the best of them.

For girl

On beloved ladies, as is known, it is customary not to save, but buying an iPhone Xs Max is hardly a good idea for the budget. At the same time, you can pay attention to iPhone XR: it is not only much cheaper, but it is also available in several colors – from traditional white with black before the blue and Red PRODUCT (RED). Any girl will appreciate such a sign of attention.

And if she already has a new iPhone (most likely, you bought it), give Apple Watch Series 4 – 40 mm version in gold and pink sand straps looks great on a fragile female hand. A more versatile option is a black watch with a black sports strap.

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For a young man

Of course, a man will also appreciate the iPhone as a gift, but if he works a lot and knows a lot about technology, please his new 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018. Touchpad Touch Bar, the Intel Core i7 eighth generation, 512 GB of storage and as much as 16 GB of RAM – top-end configuration for a real man. This gift will be relevant for many years, and the usual tasks will be performed much faster.


Mom and dad should also make nice gifts, and this is the case when a trendy and status iPhone Xs Max will be very useful. But you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for it: you can do with a version with 64 GB of internal memory. And the model with 512 GB of storage is available a little more expensive. Due to the large screen dad will be easier to handle the phone and perceive the content. Well, my mother will definitely be happy with the new iPad Pro with 11-inch screen (13 she definitely does not need), and it is better to take modification with the cellular network module – so she will always be in touch.

Brother or sister

It seems we have not yet seen anyone deliberately refuse by AirPods. These headphones are useful to every iPhone owner, and even if he already has other headphones, the AirPods are better than Apple’s devices. And the younger brother or sister will definitely be delighted with such a gift.

Friends and colleagues

If you donate to each friend or colleague for a new iPhone or iPad, you can go broke, so it’s better to choose more affordable and budget solutions for such cases. What kind? For example, an external battery with the possibility of wireless charging from Hoco (there is and black and white) or simply Deppa Wireless Charger.

Of course, not everyone is willing to spend on gifts much, which is to say about large sums. In this case, you will find many interesting accessories (cables, protective films, etc.). In any case, you can always choose a gift that will be necessary, original and practical, depending on your capabilities and needs of loved ones.

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