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What is Safari Plus, or how to extend the capabilities of the browser on iOS


Probably everyone has heard about WhatsApp Plus in one way or another. And, if you haven’t heard, be sure to read this article – there are many interesting things. But, in short, this is an improved version of the messenger with additional functions that are either not present in the original application or are, but they are not implemented in the most convenient way. That’s just the same story about Android because there is nothing like it on iOS. However, this does not mean that nothing can be improved on iOS. Safari Plus is a living example of this.

Safari Plus is not a standalone application, as many probably thought, but a regular quick command. That is, you don’t have to illegally and put yourself at risk, as is the case with WhatsApp Plus. But this team is good in that it really expands the capabilities of Apple’s branded browser, adding 5 new functions to it at once, for which you had to use third-party services.

How to make Safari on iOS better

These functions are:

  • Reading the article out loud;
  • Converting a web page to PDF;
  • Link shortening;
  • Loading images from the page;
  • A quick search on AliExpress.

You just run the command, choose the action you want, and Safari automatically performs it:

  • Download the Quick Commands app from the App Store ;
  • Follow this link and download the Safari Plus team;
  • Open any site in Safari and click Share;
  • Select Safari Plus and then choose the action you want.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get Safari to read the article aloud. At first I thought that the problem was in the language in which the material is presented, because I tried to enable the read function on articles. However, when I switched to a foreign resource, the command did not work either. As it turned out later, the problem is that reading for some reason does not work on the iPhone 12 . Otherwise, all functions work properly and fulfill their task.

Hidden features of Safari

I think it makes no sense to explain the purpose of each of the features that Safari Plus offers . Because converting web pages to PDF is really translating to PDF, saving images is saving images, and shortening a link is actually shortening a link. Everything is extremely simple and straightforward. However, one function of the team interested me so much that I cannot pass it by.

This is a quick search for goods on Aliexpress. Thanks to this feature, you can search for a product by name without even opening AliExpress. Just click on Search a product, write the name of the item you are looking for and choose AliExpress. In the same second, the team will redirect you to a site with ready-made search results for your request. It is very cool and very convenient.

The fact is that if you use the web version of Aliexpress (for example, I really do not like their application), then, as a rule, you have to first close all pop-up windows and warning about cookie assemblies, not to mention the fact that Ali may periodically ask you to re-login. With Safari Plus, you bypass all these stages and go straight to the SERPs.


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