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What is known about the Apple Watch Series 9: design, release date and price


If you ask any iPhone owner what is the best smartwatch, almost everyone will answer that it is Apple Watch . And it’s hard to argue with that. The level of synchronization between the iPhone and Apple watches is at a level that other manufacturers have not even dreamed of. However, the last few generations of Apple Watch are like two peas in a pod, and it’s almost impossible to find any differences between them right away. For this reason, many have postponed the watch update until this year.

Approximate information on the future iPhone 15 and iOS 17 has already begun to appear, which means it’s time for the first details about the next generation of Apple Watch. We tell everything that is known about the Apple Watch Series 9 , and figure out when to expect a new model and at what price.

What will be the Apple Watch 9

The first thing that worries most users waiting for the new Apple Watch model is the design. I must say right away that there will definitely not be round clocks from Apple. The Cupertino-based company will continue to use the now classic rectangular version of the watch. However, it may undergo some changes. With the Apple Watch Ultra , Apple ditched the rounded glass screen and made it completely flat. This design is much stronger and looks more interesting.

Flat -edge Apple Watches like the ones found on the iPhone 12 and newer models have been around for a long time. But never before has Apple been so close to realizing this idea. Flat glass has been tested, which means that it will not be difficult to make the same edges. That is why the Macworld portal believes that it is the Apple Watch Series 9 that will receive a new design. Although I personally doubt it. It seems to me that in Cupertino they will continue to exploit the appearance of watches that many people love. But if Apple wants a sharp jump in sales, then it’s time to do something with the design.

Specifications for Apple Watch 9

I would like to see a new processor in the Apple Watch Series 9 . Not like it was with the previous three generations, when the chipset simply changed its name , but the main characteristics remained the same, but a really new processor that guarantees even better performance and a greater margin of safety.

Many want to see the next generation of Apple Watch and new MicroLED displays , which have a greater peak brightness than the conventional OLED used in them now. However, according to all the leaks, it should not be expected until 2024, and then at first only in the top Apple Watch Ultra . Therefore, it is definitely not worth counting on it.

Users abroad have long dreamed about the appearance of 5G in the Apple Watch . But at the current stage, this technology is very energy-intensive. And if it is ideal for a smartphone, then for watches that already live less than all their direct competitors, such a modem can increase battery consumption even more. Therefore, in terms of technical characteristics, you should not expect any revelations from the Apple Watch Series 9 .

Health Tracking on Apple Watch

But the Apple Watch is more than just a watch, it’s also a health tracker. The Apple Watch Series 8 has a thermometer that can measure body temperature. True, it is simply not possible to use it. Initially, it was set up exclusively for assessing women’s health indicators. But with a certain skill, you can activate the measurement of the temperature of the wrist in a dream .

It is hoped that in the Apple Watch Series 9, the thermometer will become available as a separate application for regular measurement, as well as a heart rate monitor and a pulse oximeter. And then the sensor was added, but they were not allowed to use it normally. Well, as is usually the case, with each new watchOS, the watch will also receive new types of workouts.

When will the Apple Watch 9 be released?

Well, it remains to decide when to expect a new product. Previous generations of Apple Watch released on the following schedule:

watch modelrelease date
Apple Watch Series 8September 7, 2022
Apple Watch Series 7September 14, 2021
Apple Watch Series 6September 15, 2020
Apple Watch Series 5September 10, 2019
Apple Watch Series 4September 12, 2018
Apple Watch Series 3September 12, 2017

I doubt that this year something fundamentally will change. Most likely, the Apple Watch Series 9 is worth waiting for in September 2023. The only question left open is the price.

his year, Apple kept the $399 price tag in its native US market only. In other countries, there was a rise in price. For example, in the UK the price rose by 50 pounds at once from 369 to 419 pounds. If inflation continues to rise and Apple cannot keep prices in the US, then other markets will also rise in price. True, it is not yet possible to say how much.

But I expect that at least in 2023 the price of the Apple Watch Series 9 will remain the same. In any case, the changes are expected to be minor. Therefore, if you have been thinking about buying a new watch for a long time, then you can safely watch Apple Watch Series 8 or Series 7 .


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