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Weird Apple Products You Might Not Know About


The history of any company is filled with a variety of milestones: for example, Nokia began its journey with the production of paper. It is strange to realize how a corporation came from paper to telecommunications equipment, but everyone remembers the success that was in the 2000s. Some brands united, cooperated to produce joint products: for example, Sony Ericsson and Walkman. If you remember, Apple did the same when it created the ROKR E1 together with Motorola . In 2021, not everyone knows that the company from Cupertino “out of youth” produced frank game – strange products with which Apple tried to take new markets. You can’t find such rarities anymore, but it’s still worth knowing about what was before the iPhone.

Apple camera

If you remember, in ancient times, phones were either completely without cameras, or with those that were filmed in disgusting quality. And if you plunge into the mid-90s, then mobile phones existed exclusively for calls. Companies released bulky gadgets separately, and cameras were already popular then. Apple seized the moment and released its own QuickTake camera in 1994. More precisely, it was developed by Kodak and Fujifilm.

The device had excellent characteristics: a resolution of 640 * 480 pixels with a memory of 1 MB. As many as 8 photos could be stored in memory, and if the resolution of the pictures was halved, the number of pictures increased to 32. There was a button on the back of the camera that allowed you to delete all pictures. Two generations of cameras came out: QuickTake 100 and QuickTake 200 , and in 1997 Steve Jobs closed the shop due to the uncompetitiveness of products. Now in honor of QuickTake, a function of the same name is named, which allows you to record video while taking pictures on the iPhone .

Apple clothing

Now collaborations of IT companies, fashion designers or musicians are a common occurrence. But Apple began to set the style even before it became mainstream. It all started in 1986, when windsurfing was popular on the East Coast of the United States. Actually, the entire line of clothing was inspired by this particular sport. And the company also presented not only fashionable things, but also children’s toys with windsurfing boards. It all looks very strange and not quite usual, but quite in the spirit of that time.

apple pippin

Now, many YouTube reviewers and experts believe that Apple should release its own game console sooner or later. Perhaps this really makes sense, but the company is afraid to step on the same rake again. In 1995, Apple released the Pippin console , which was noticeably different from the usual game consoles – it was a mixture of a computer and a media player. It had a CD-ROM, a slot for memory cards, and the PowerPC 603 processor gave out as much as 66 MHz of frequency. Back then, the gamepad was wireless! Unfortunately, it was a failure – neither unlimited Internet nor games could attract buyers.

The very first Apple tablet

Think the iPad is Apple’s very first tablet ? Ready to argue with you! Long before 2010, the company was already trying to release a tablet computer, calling it the Apple Newton MessagePad. He appeared in 1993, but did not become commercially successful due to the high price and disgusting autonomy. The magnificent premiere was a success, but sales failed miserably. By the way, an amazing fact: Apple Newton works with Apple Pencil !


Apple Power CD

The company has a very warm relationship with music. It still does n’t get out of the head of the iPod docked in any Hollywood movie of the 2000s. But not everyone is aware of what happened before – this is Apple Power CD . He could not only play music from discs, but also connect to a computer as an optical drive. Also included was a remote control. But things didn’t go according to plan again: the device couldn’t connect adequately to the Mac due to drivers, causing users to have a fit of aggression, and the price was sky-high at $499. Another device from Apple , which has sunk into oblivion.

Printer from Apple

Printers used to be incredibly popular: having a PC at home but not having a way to print anything is like not having an Internet connection today . And if you plunge into history, then Apple even had its own printer, which was called Silentype and appeared in 1979. The development was to the taste in the restaurant business – thanks to it, it was possible to print menus, checks and orders. It was quite compact and fast, for which it was appreciated. Production closed in 1988.



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