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Understanding Alexa Toolbar And Install Alexa Toolbar to your Chrome/Mozilla/InternetExplorer Browser


One of the most obsessed parameters for bloggers and webmasters is Alexa Rank.There are few other parameters to measure the quality of a blog but due to the regular updates of Alexa Toolbar, Alexa has got the top most priority these days.

What are you going to learn in this post is :
  • What is Alexa?
  • How do Alexa determine your Website Rank?
  • Steps for Installing Alexa Toolbar for your Browser

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is owned by one of the most reputed companies Amazon.They rank every website based on few factors. The Less is Alexa, The more is the popularity. Alexa determine the popularity of website by alexa toolbar

How does this Alexa Ranking work?

What Harsh Agarwal of Shout Me Loud Says About Alexa :

Fact is website traffic is also considered as a good point here, but that’s not the only point while considering alexa rank. From my observations, Alexa rank is dependent on your websites updates and also on your traffic. If you update your website daily and your traffic is increasing or even constant your alexa rank will improve with time.

What Imran Uddin of All Tech Buzz Says about Alexa :

Most of the people might be thinking that blogs with good alexa rank have good traffic but that’s not the case. Alexa Rank has nothing to do with a blog or website traffic.

Alexa only calculates those hits which pass through their system.They only track those visitors who have installed alexa toolbar on their browsers and ignore the remaining visitors who haven’t installed alexa toolbar on their browsers.

However Alexa have an option how they rank your website if you upgrade to pro membership


  1. Open new window in your browser and Search for Alexa toolbar
  2. On the new page you will see an image of an Alexa status bar with features of Alexa toolbar. Click on “Install Alexa Toolbar Extension”.
  3. Wait for complete the installation process then click on “OK”.
  4.  Now a status bar will be shown on the top right side corner, now click on “Finish” and close this window.
  5. Now you can manage an Alexa status bar according to your requirements.

Alexa Toolbars and extensions are available for following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox: 3.0.9 or newer
  • Internet Explorer

Here we are providing different links to install Alexa toolbar on different browsers Install Alexa Toolbar

Conclusion :
Those blogs which gets targeted traffic i.e the visitors who have installed Alexa toolbar on to their browsers get good Alexa ranking whereas others don’t get a good ranking even they have good traffic.
After Google Page Rank the figure that is given high importance is the Alexa Rank.Day by Day Google Page Rank is loosing its popularity and it is taken up by Domains Authority and Alexa Ranking.

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