Top 5 Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android

Its being a trend to change smartphones frequently by throwing your old mobile away! So while you change your mobile, you need to switch SIM cards too. To make your work simple Android developers developed call forwarding apps. If you frequently switch SIM cards on your mobile, you should go for such Call Forwarding Apps.

Call Forwarding Apps?

The only task of this app is to forward all the calls from your old SIM or device to the new one. If you have changed your phone or its number, you will still receive calls from your old number without any problems. Perhaps, there are many apps that helps you forward calls simply. These apps have helped me a lot!

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So while its a tough one to pick anyone that is best on its service! To make your search easy we have some hand picked best ones for you. These android apps are listed as per the popularity and upon the users reviews.

Simple Call Forwarding


There won’t be needed any explanation for this app, as the name of this app implies clearly! Anyway, as the main task of this app is to forward the calls it is best in the service with additional features. With a quick widget, this app lets you to enable & disable the call with few click. Here users are allowed to create their own profiles and for some carriers in US, UK and Canada region they have preloaded profiles. All you need is to download and install “Simple Call Forwarding” app with some configuration setups.

And Simple Call Forwarding is a paid app which costs just $0.99. If you’re looking for free apps then the remaining section of this post may help you out!

Forward My Calls


Forward My Calls is the app which I like most and I prefer you guys to use it. You can find many features which can surely help you at some instance. This app enables the forward calls when your batter is low and this feature may be useful in emergency periods. And Forward My Calls was developed to determine when to and when not to forward calls to its users. In short, if you want to receive forward call when you’re at office and you don’t need it while you’re at your house. So this feature make its service so best than other apps.

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Configuring this app is so simple and the best part is, these features are offered for free of cost. Yes! Forward My Calls is available at the Google Play Store for free.

Remote Call Divert


Forgot your phone in your house? Expecting important calls? No worries, if you have installed this app on your device. This app lets you to divert calls by just sending a message to your mobile using another mobile. Remote Call Divert lets you to activate remotely a call divert with a message of a password and the phone number which you want to divert all your calls. For example, if you want to divert your phone to this number 1234567890 snd your password is abcdefg, just send a text to your phone as divert on abcdefg 1234567890. If it ask for the carriers then give all informations and go ahead.

You can download Remote Call Divert for free from the Play Store.

SMS Call Forward/Divert


This app allows the users to divert your text messages and call forwarding as normal to your desired number. Like the previous app, SMS Call Forward/Divert also supports remote activation. Just tap a message to the device and forward all your calls and messages. This app got many new feature which can enabled by using some commands. Rather than this app is good in its service and this app does not cost a penny, available at Google Play Store.

Call Forwarding


“Last but not least” This app got similar features as other have. The best thing here will be activating & deactivating feature. If you want to call forwarding only when you’re not having your device or out of reach, then this app can help you. And it also has clutter-free interface that makes the interface so simple. You can check condition of forward call with a single tap. Call Forwarding is available for free at the Google Play Store.

Some won’t change their mobile frequently, but some gadget-freaks may do! If you’re in need to forward your call to another, then these best call forwarding android apps should help you do same. Do you have any experience of using these apps? If so, share your thoughts in comments!

And we’re glad to know which app you like the most! Cheers 🙂

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