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Things you should never do with your smart phone


Smartphone : Batteries, batteries and more batteries! Our lives have become more smartphone-oriented in the past few years. With our phone getting smarter, the screen getting larger and the myriad of functions we can use it for, longer battery life has become an integral part of our lives.
Although with the advent of battery packs and fast chargers our battery problems have been solved to an extent, the problem with batteries not lasting longer is still a major worry for all smartphone users.
Things you should never do with your phone
Better battery life and a longer functioning smartphone is everyone’s ideal choice. Here are some things you should never do while charging or otherwise with your phones:

Avoid Chargers from unknown brands: Never use a charger without knowing the origin and the quality of the charger. Unknown brands and local chargers are extremely harmful to your phones. Smartphones come with various chipsets and circuits; every company has a different way of processing the currents. You could do permanent damage to your smartphone and its battery.
Charge your phone without the battery case: Protective covers are an extra layer on the phone. While these cases offer to protect your smartphones, they also create an extra layer between your phone and the outside environment. This leads to overheating of the phone while charging. To charge your phone’s battery optimally, you should take off the cover and charge the phone. It is natural for your phone to heat up slightly, so make sure that you remove the case to avoid overheating.
Do not leave your battery on charge the entire night: Although most people find it extremely convenient to leave their phones on charge overnight, it is not the best practice. The reason behind this is that, once your battery is fully charged, the input of the current does not stop. With this, you are exposing your battery to unnecessary currents which will eventually drain your phone’s battery and make it weak.

Charge your batteries up to 80%: While using your phone and batteries, you need to keep in mind that you should charge your phones up to 80% at least. This will help you give a lasting battery backup and will help you avoid constantly plugging the phone into chargers again. Other than this, make sure that you do not charge your phone often even that will result in the overall depletion in the working of your phone’s battery.

Avoid using your smartphone while it connected to a power bank: When your phone is connected to another device, your phone is making using various internal functions. The same goes for smartphones when they are connected to a power bank. Your phone is using many circuits, and the in the internal temperature of the phone is high. If you choose to use your phone now, your smartphone will overheat and will weaken your battery from within.
Your smartphone and its batteries are extremely delicate, try to charge them as much as possible and avoid charging your phones within short intervals.

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