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The best games coming soon to Android


Mobile gaming has really taken off in recent years, with many great new releases every month. The only problem is that the Google Play Store is still a mess, so finding new Android games can be a real nightmare. To help, we’ve put together this list of the best games to look forward to soon. Very soon they will be available for download and you need to be ready for this. Therefore, remember and get ready to download when they come out.

Dauntless – RPG for Android

Dauntless is a free-to-play RPG currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Developer Phoenix Labs stated that the mobile version of the game is currently in the early stages of development, but did not give an exact timeline for its release. In fact, in 2019, development for mobile devices was temporarily put on the back burner. However, the company still intends to release Dauntless for mobile devices .

In Dauntless, your task is to destroy monsters. You can hunt alone or team up with up to three other members. With each successful action, you get bonuses and can spend them on development. Like the console and PC versions, Dauntless for Android is likely to be free-to-play , and will require a constant internet connection to play.

Plants vs. Zombies 3 – plants vs zombies

A new game from the Plants vs. Zombies is coming to Android. It’s called Plants vs. Zombies 3, and unlike previous games, it can be played in portrait mode to make one-handed play more mobile-friendly .

If for some reason you’ve never heard of it, Plants vs. Zombies is basically an action strategy game where you fight zombies with your army of plants, each with unique offensive or defensive abilities. PvZ 3 will ditch iconic 2D graphics in favor of full 3D models, but retain the same overall aesthetic.

It will be free with microtransactions, but it doesn’t have an official launch date , so don’t expect it until the end of 2022 or even 2023.

Valorant – first person shooter

Riot’s popular first-person shooter Valorant made a splash when it launched on PC in 2020, and the company announced at its anniversary event that the game is now coming to mobile .

At the moment there are almost no details. We know that the game will have some tweaks to make it more mobile friendly. But there will be no cross-play with PC. As for the release date, it is still unknown. Like most major developments, it must go through many stages of testing , the first of which will begin this year.

Battlefield Mobile is a cool game for Android

The Battlefield series is a staple in the world of AAA gaming, but now it’s finally coming to Android for the first time . Information is still scarce, but you may not have to wait that long.

For the most part, the gameplay will feel familiar to fans of the series. You will get a large scale map full of weapons, gadgets, tanks and other vehicles and you will fight against the enemy team. Four classes are available: Assault, Support, Medic and Scout, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Although the game is officially listed as “early alpha”, beta testing of the game for some users started as early as November 2021. You can wait for the final version of the game later this year .

Path of Exile Mobile is an old game with updates

Path of Exile was first released back in 2013, but constant updates and attention from the developer has kept the game relevant and popular all these years. Now a mobile version is on its way, and it should be a very good adaptation.

The official trailer shows it being developed in-house. This should mean that the core gameplay elements will remain intact. However, there is a reason why developers rely on studios with extensive experience in mobile development. Expect PoE Mobile to have a long and challenging development period, especially since Grinding Gear Games is actively working on Path of Exile 2.

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