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Should I buy iPhone SE 2022 and what to buy instead


Almost 4 months have passed since the presentation of the iPhone SE 2022 : during this time, not only the price has decreased, but also the degree of criticism that hit the new smartphone in March. In any case, because of the sharply fallen price in Russia: in the spring, the novelty turned out to be one of the first imported in Russia by parallel imports, however, at a fabulous price – more than 60 thousand rubles. Already, the iPhone SE 2022 has fallen in price by half, and is noticeably cheaper than the iPhone SE 2020 a year after the release. Largely due to the price, the iPhone SE seems to be the best option. We figure out what are the advantages of the iPhone SE 2022 , is it worth taking and what to buy instead.

Specifications of the iPhone SE 2022

If it seems to you that the cheapest iPhone will not run games, will run out of battery quickly, and in general it seems to be stuck in the past, you are very mistaken. The smartphone has excellent filling, which the more popular iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 11 cannot boast of . Let’s take a quick look at what the smartphone has.

  • Processor A15 Bionic;
  • Camera 12 MP;
  • Battery 1821 mAh;
  • Display 4.7 inches.

The powerful processor will provide you with high performance in games and when running heavy applications. Think these are modest numbers for an iPhone in 2022? And here it is not.

  • Apple tightened the camera programmatically, as a result of which the Deep Fusion function appeared: when photographing, algorithms take 8 shots, combining the two most successful ones into one. The function is not even in the iPhone 11.
  • Increased autonomy: according to official figures, by 2 hours. This happened due to the capacity of 2018 mAh (instead of 1821 two years earlier), as well as the energy efficiency of the A15 Bionic. If the iPhone SE 2020 had enough autonomy for 7-8 hours, now you can squeeze out all 10.
  • Perhaps, in the iPhone SE 2022, only the screen size and outdated design cause questions, but it’s like anyone: an iPhone with a large screen is not always a practical purchase, and there are almost no compact smartphones with a Home button.

Add to this the fact that right now the iPhone SE 2022 has fallen in price a lot: with a cursory examination in Yandex, you can find a new smartphone for a little over 26 thousand rubles. What to buy instead of iPhone SE?

The most popular iPhone 2022

iPhone 11 is the most popular smartphone from Apple in recent times. Everything is perfect in it, except for the size and processor: a smartphone with a 6.1-inch screen is not very comfortable to wear, especially in summer in shorts. Plus, this year the iPhone 11 with the A13 Bionic chip will turn three years old, which means that it has already lived for more than half of the period of support for new versions of iOS and will soon turn into iPhone 7.

Among the shortcomings: not so high performance. This is clearly explained in benchmark tests: the iPhone 11 is gaining 521 thousand points, and the iPhone SE 3 is almost 883 thousand. But iPhone 11 has more RAM: 4 GB is built into it instead of 3 GB for SE 2022: you can keep more applications in the background.

But the iPhone 11 also has clear advantages: it’s a triple camera module, a powerful battery, and Face ID for quick unlocking if you’re fed up with the Home button . Add to this a large assortment of body colors – the new iPhone SE has a much more modest one. Despite the fact that the price for it is rapidly falling, it costs more than the iPhone SE 2022 – there is a model with 64 GB on Yandex.Market for 38 thousand rubles.

iPhone SE 2022 vs. iPhone 12 mini

Another alternative to the iPhone SE 2022 is the iPhone 12 mini. No less problematic smartphone, which at one time received a lot of criticism. Despite the fact that the smaller version of the iPhone 12 did not become popular with buyers, the model still found its fans: a nice case with chopped edges, a dual camera module. Apple got a sort of iPhone 5S in a modern way, which also has a good A14 Bionic processor.

But there are two drawbacks: the first is the battery. In fact, that the iPhone SE and the iPhone 12 mini are close in autonomy. But if the battery life of the new SE is an advantage, the iPhone 12 mini lacks it.

The price of the iPhone 12 mini has already dropped to 44 thousand rubles for a complete set with 64 GB – about this we dreamed about a year ago . On the other hand, weigh all the pros and cons three times: does it make sense to buy a mini version when you can buy a regular iPhone 12 for the same money and even cheaper?

In my opinion, it is the iPhone 12 mini (or iPhone 12, if it comes across at the same price) that is better to buy instead of the iPhone SE 2022 . Yes, you will overpay a little, but you will get a tested device with a normal camera, and not the one that was improved programmatically. In addition, the iPhone 12 mini is a smartphone whose hardware will be relevant in the coming years, and the form factor does not at all smell of antiquity.

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