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Should Apple gadgets be carried with or without a case?


The vast majority of Apple technology users, when buying a new gadget, immediately think where to buy a case and a protective glass. Someone turns to original accessories, while someone saves and buys a case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max on AliExpress for 200 rubles. When the original cover costs 5000-6000 rubles, this can be easily explained. However, there are people who prove that the sensations are not the same and you need to use gadgets only in their original form, because in this way you will feel everything that the designers wanted to convey to you. Now let’s figure out whether to buy a case for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and AirPods.

Should You Buy an iPhone Case?

Let’s start with the iPhone, as the most popular gadget. I must say right away that we will consider only ordinary everyday cases , without any fanaticism, extreme use or cases when, excuse me, hands do not grow from there, as the people say. On the last point, I noticed that many users who drop their gadgets every day do not even deny it and do not take offense at the truth. Here for them the cover is simply obligatory and it is desirable thicker.

The iPhone has a few weak spots that are almost guaranteed to be damaged if dropped. One of them is the camera, which in new models protrudes a little from the body and has a rough structure. If you look closely, then in the 11th generation and newer, not only the entire module sticks out, but also the glass itself from the module. When exactly falling on the edge of this glass, it inevitably breaks. In general, the camera will even work, but after a couple of days it will become clogged with dust, and the pictures will be disgusting. We need to change the glass as soon as possible. We talked about this in a separate article .

The second place is the edge of the screen. Particularly dangerous places in the corners. If the phone falls on the corner of the screen, it will break too. Only a case with a protruding camera rim and screen protector can protect against this and the previous danger. Even glass is unlikely to help in this case.

For other falls, bending the body is dangerous. It only seems that the phone does not bend. In fact, even despite the metal frame, it can still bend, and this can cause the glass of the screen to burst. True, in this case, only the most durable case will save.

As you can see, only a tight protruding cover can really protect. Everything else will protect maximum from scratches. And you also need to remember that the phone, which fell and the screen remained intact, is still damaged. There are many small components inside that can break. Even microscopic damage to a thin cable can cause the phone to slow down a little or some functions, like Wi-Fi, will turn off (if the antenna is damaged).

For myself, I developed the principle of wearing an iPhone without a case. You just have to do it carefully. Do not think that if there is a cover, then you are protected from everything. The phone still does not need to be dropped, and this is a fact! For understanding.

Which case to buy for iPad

The iPad case is also a complicated story because if it falls, only something huge can save it , which will kill the comfort of use at all other times. And as practice shows, tablets fall much less often than phones. And many even use them only at home. Therefore, the best option would be the original FOLIO case, which is attached with magnets and which can be easily removed if necessary. It will protect the screen from scuffs and will be nice to hold in your hands.

By itself, the tablet is almost not scratched. I always use tablets only in original cases, and then only when I put the tablet in my backpack – I always wear it at home in a “naked” form. I’ve never had screen scratches from normal use with an Apple Pencil. Therefore, I believe that the tablet does not need special protection. Of course, if you do not buy it for difficult conditions of use or for children. And if anything, then the glass can be replaced separately from the screen much cheaper. In this article, we showed what glass replacement looks like on an iPad

Case for AirPods

Here I am convinced that the case is worth buying only if you need to highlight the headphones. For example, you do not like the corporate white color or you have two identical AirPods at home and you need to somehow separate them from each other.

In other cases, they will only be protected from the fact that the case becomes a little less shiny . But in a bad case, this will also happen. The only major change in appearance that I encountered while using the headphones was that the case was painted on a jeans pocket. Not much, and perhaps even stylish, but the blue marks still appeared.

How not to scratch your Apple Watch

To avoid scratching your Apple Watch, you just need to be careful when wearing it. I have had cases of serious scratches on the watch screen, but I don’t even think about buying a case or glass. It will just kill the look of the watch. If you hit with swing your hand on an iron post in the yard, then no protection will save the watch, and you will not notice small scratches if you do not set such a goal for yourself.

This may affect the sale in such a way that in three or four years you will sell them for a couple of thousand cheaper. It’s not worth it to spoil the look of a beautiful gadget for such a long time. You better buy a pair of beautiful straps.

The only time protection really makes sense is on the march. You can use it in other places, such as the gym, but in other cases, it is more correct to remove the watch, for example, if you are repairing a bicycle or moving furniture. Watch repairs are expensive, but damaging them by accident is really hard.

What protection to buy for a MacBook

Everything is not so clear here. On the one hand, I have never used a laptop protector, but sometimes it makes sense. For example, in a backpack or suitcase, you can use a pocket folder with a valve, in which you simply put your gadget. So you protect it from dust, which is also important.

But I would not advise buying overlays for the keyboard and glasses for the screen. Firstly, they are unlikely to save you from scuffing the screen, and secondly, they will only put pressure on it once again. Modern computers are made so that when folded, the distance between the screen and the keyboard tends to be zero. If you add more than a millimeter thick silicone pad and glass there, they will press on the glass even when you just close the laptop.

You just have to put up with the scuffs and not worry about it. At first, I was worried, but then I realized that the keyboard will still be imprinted on the glass of the screen if you take your laptop with you.

The conclusion from the above is simple – buying a case and other protection really makes sense only for a smartphone. For a tablet, you need to choose not a powerful protective, but a functional case to make it more convenient to use. For other gadgets, protection is useless, and sometimes it can even harm.

If you know that you constantly drop gadgets, protection is worth using, but you need to choose it very pickily. Or just look at repair prices at a service center, for example, at Apple Pro , and understand for yourself. Choose between the protection of everything and the comfort of use. Although the case is also a comfort for someone if the phone seems too slippery.


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