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Samsung Galaxy S20 Details and Specification


Samsung Galaxy S20 offers many advanced features for users of all types. It has powerful camera and it is slim in size due to which it is liked by many users. You can take images of high quality and make videos with HD with the help of Samsung Galaxy S20.
Compact size and slim design of Samsung Galaxy S20 makes it the best choice as it can be taken to any place with ease and it is of high quality and also durable.

Slim and durable
Samsung Galaxy S20 has weight of 163g and gorilla glass is used at front and back side for added protection and security. 8GB RAM is available in Samsung Galaxy S20 and built in memory of 128GB with the option of using micro card.
With the help of micro card the memory can be increased further so that more images and videos could be stores in the cell phone. Android 10 operating system is used in this cell phone which offers all the advanced features so that users can get the best results.

Powerful camera
Main camera is of 12MP which uses auto focus technology to make sure that your images and videos can be made with high quality and best results. Front camera has 10MP which is enough to take selfies of high quality.
Those people who are fond of taking images and making videos can use Samsung Galaxy S20 in order to get good results. With added benefits of more memory in this cell phone you can store many images and videos and use them for different purposes. You can make images and videos of high quality with the help of this cell phone and also use them for professional purposes.

High quality battery
Powerful battery with 4000mAh is available with Samsung Galaxy S20 and it can be charged at a fast rate when 25W power is supplied. Top class charger with capacity of 25W power charging ability is also provided in the box of this cell phone to make sure that users can get the best results and get the cell phone charged in minimum time for long term use. Such a powerful battery and fast charging is a good feature which is liked by many users of Samsung Galaxy S20.

Advanced features
Samsung Galaxy S20 is offering many advanced features which are liked by users. This is a new release in cell phones and many basic features are similar. Cell phone companies are making some changes in new versions of cell phones to make sure that some new things could be offered to users.
Many people are willing to try the new cell phones so that they can check and enjoy the new features. Samsung Galaxy S20 is liked by many users as it is offering different types of advanced features and those users who can afford to purchase this cell phone are getting it and liking its advanced features.

What is in the box?
Packing and boxing of Samsung Galaxy S20 is very professional and of high quality. You will get the cell phone with advanced charger which is specially made for this cell phone. There is also a pair of advanced earbuds so that you can enjoy sounds from your Samsung Galaxy S20.
You will not get a case with this cell phone, however, the charger and earbuds are of high quality, which are in the box with Samsung Galaxy S20 so that you can get the best results. Box of this cell phone has different sections and all things are packed professionally to make sure that you can get them in the best possible condition.


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