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Released a car capable of hacking the iPhone in the distance


We’ve already heard about hacking the iPhone with complexes like GrayKey, but WiSpear decided to go further – it showed a car capable of remotely hacking smartphones and computers.

The SpearHead 360 minivan has 24 antennas that scan devices available for hacking. It is necessary that the victim’s car and gadget are connected to the same Wi-Fi network – otherwise, the protection will not bypass.

The developers claim that it is possible to hack both the iPhone, and Android– smartphones, as well as computers on Windows and macOS. With the help of multiple algorithms for bypassing the system, the system finds weaknesses in systems and hacks them. The range of the tool is 500 meters.

In order not to become a victim of such a van, it’s enough not to connect to dubious Wi-Fi networks, where you can become a victim of intruders. This car, however, is designed only for law enforcement. But given the cost of $ 5 million, it is unlikely that many will take it into service.

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