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How To Recover Deleted Data From An Android Device


How to recover deleted data from an Android device

Recover Deleted Data: Almost every time there was a situation when it was necessary to restore deleted files from the Smartphone. Sometimes this happens intentionally, by pure chance, and sometimes the data is deleted due to a glitch in the operating system. For these cases, released a special application that allows you to recover some of the deleted information. The main thing is to have a smartphone and a computer on Windows.

One of these utilities is called EaseUS MobiSaver from developers who are fully specialized in creating software for data recovery. The new version of the application 5.0 is even more stable and allows you to get remote information from almost any Android-smartphone – you only need to enable debugging mode via USB beforehand. You can do this in Developer mode.

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After connecting the smartphone and running the utility, you will be greeted by the start screen, where the scan will be performed. The program will automatically detect the device, analyze the files and show what data can be recovered. The whole process takes from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the amount of information.

EaseUS MobiSaver

The list of information available for recovery is quite large – from contacts and messages to photos, videos, applications, and documents. Before restoring, you can run a preview of any file so that you do not accidentally touch the unnecessary one.

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After that, it will remain to select the necessary files (for example, remote contact of an important person), select the path on the computer where to save them – and you’re done! Then you can return the files to your smartphone or leave it on your computer.

Recover deleted files

The utility is very simple to use, so even those who are far from unlocking the bootloader and other subtleties of Android devices will be able to deal with it. The most important thing is that the application is available for free, you can download it from the link below. Supports Windows XP and newer.

Link: Download

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