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Popular iPhone problems and solutions


I don’t know about you, but since the days of the iPhone 5s, I completely forgot about what lags are on the iPhone . According to personal observations, any device released after 2014 flies bless you. And if problems do occur, as soon as you start googling something like iPhone does not catch the network , the answer is usually the same everywhere: you are not alone with this problem, Apple promises to fix the situation in the next update. However, many users will disagree with this statement. Every day we receive messages saying that Touch ID has stopped working or applications are crashing. In this article, I propose to discuss the most popular iPhone problems and talk about ways to solve them.

Lost sound on iPhone

To begin with, let’s divide all problems with sound on an iPhone into two large categories: software and hardware. If you dropped the phone from a great height or washed it in a typewriter, most likely the reason is damage to the speaker. In this case, the only reasonable solution would be to contact a repair service.

If you can’t hear the interlocutor on your iPhone , ask yourself a trivial question: when was the last time you cleaned the speakers on your device? Over the years, dust gets clogged into the holes on the smartphone, so it is important to clean the gadget at least occasionally. Remember to check the volume rocker. Dust loves to get into it and the phone hangs in silent mode for a long time. For these purposes, I have acquired such a thing a long time ago . A couple of hundred saved me from all the problems.

If cleaning did not help, the smartphone did not fall from a height, most likely the matter is in the phone’s settings. The first thing to do is to check if wireless headphones or other sound sources are connected to the phone. For this:

  • Go to Control Center by swiping the shade from the top-right corner (for iPhone X and above) or from the bottom (for previous generations of iPhones).
  • Click on the AirPlay icon as shown in the picture below.
  • The checkmark should be in front of the iPhone.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the iPhone

Usually these trivial tips cover most of the problems. However, sometimes a different situation happens: the music plays as it should, but the call on the iPhone is not heard . In this case, you need:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Further Sounds, tactile signals.
  • Unscrew the volume slider against Call and notifications to the maximum.

No network on iPhone. What to do

This is perhaps the most common problem among users. Of all the reasons why the iPhone has lost connection , these are the most popular:

  • You are outside the coverage area of ​​your operator.
  • The SIM card is out of order or is not positioned correctly in the tray.
  • Incorrect date and time.
  • Data roaming is disabled (you are abroad).
  • The network settings are out of order.

Most often, the problem is solved quite simply: you just need to restart the device or pull out the SIM card and insert it back. Plus, it happens that you are out of network coverage. This is also a fairly common problem. In this case, it will be enough just to change the location and everything will fall into place.

Incorrectly set date and time can also affect the correct operation of the smartphone. To remedy the situation, it is worthy only:

  • Go to Settings, General.
  • Then go to Date and Time.
  • Turn on the toggle switch opposite Automatic.

If you are abroad, try turning on roaming . For this:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, Cellular, Data Options.
  • Turn on the toggle switch opposite Data Roaming.

How to reset network settings on iPhone

If none of this helps, you can try resetting your Network Settings. Before doing this, please note that all known Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices will be lost:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Basic.
  • Next Transfer or reset iPhone.
  • Then tap on Reset again.
  • Select Reset Network Settings from the options provided.

Apps crash on iPhone

Often, users complain that applications on the iPhone close themselves or crash . Perhaps the developers did something wrong in the code, perhaps Apple overlooked it somewhere. In any case, first try to completely close this program through the multitasking panel, wait a minute, and then reopen it.

Did not help? Then let’s try to check if an update has come for our program. I personally know many users who completely ignore any innovations and have not been updated for years, and a number that has gone far beyond a hundred hovers over the App Store icon.

If you miss it here too, I suggest restarting your iPhone and trying to start the application again. Plus, don’t forget the simple but always working method: just uninstall the app or reboot your device. I know that gamers are often afraid to delete their favorite shooter because of the loss of progress in the game, so I warn you: it is saved in iCloud. And if the game takes place online, then it’s not worth worrying about at all.

Flashlight not working on iPhone

Again, the flashlight on an iPhone is closely related to the camera module. Therefore, any strong mechanical impact on the module can turn into such a problem. Go to the Camera application and check all its functions: record a video in slow-mo, switch to the front, take a couple of pictures. It is possible that the flashlight does not work due to moisture ingress, this is also a classic.

Also, do not forget to update your smartphone to the latest firmware. Here, by the way, iOS 15.2 was released not so long ago. If you have not familiarized yourself with the innovations,  Try closing all applications, including the Camera, or simply restarting your phone.

Users also love to set a blinking flash on the iPhone’s ringtone and are often handled by the fact that the flash does not work. Try to check it through the Camera, it is likely that someone from your acquaintances turned it off.

Let me remind you that you can turn on the flash on your iPhone as follows:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, we go to Universal Access.
  • Go to the Audiovisualization section.
  • Scroll to the end of the list.
  • We turn on the toggle switch opposite Flash warnings.

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