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Perhaps these are the first shots of an operating iPhone XS


We have already shared with you the details of the timing of the appearance of the iPhone XS on sale, information about its retail price and even the possibility of a simplified version called iPhone XC. The only thing we have not shown to you so far is photographs or video, on which a working copy of the future smartphone would be captured. We are improving.

Thanks to the journalists of the resource SlashLeaks, literally flooded the network with all sorts of leaks about the new iPhone, we had at our disposal live photos of the iPhone XS. They depict a working device, which, according to the author, is the flagship iPhone 2018 model year. The reasons for not believing him, as well as trusting, we do not.

Are these pictures real?

Since we do not know how the device fell into the hands of the author of the photo, then, naturally, we can not say with certainty that the original is in front of us. In any case, the initiator of the leak did not bother to demonstrate either the specifications of the smartphone or even the OS version, which, given the quality of the images, the chosen angle and the welcome sentence in the Notes, he had enough time.

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On the other hand, the appearance of the iPhone XS will be completely identical to the original iPhone X, which means that the presented pictures, even if they were 100% genuine, would not become a revelation for us. Be that as it may, before the official release date of the new iPhone remains a little more than a day, which means that it is not long to wait for confirmation or refutation of the leak.

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