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New Android games. October 2020


There’s always something to play on Android! This is a fact and there is no point in arguing with it. But isn’t it interesting when something new comes out? That is why today we will talk about new games that can be downloaded from Google Play . They were released in October and have not yet gained much popularity, but they deserve attention. Open world games, online PvP, adventure romance and more. All of this will be in today’s collection of cool new Android games. There will even be robot games and role-playing games. In general, charge your gadgets and let’s discuss new items before they become outdated.

Arcane Showdown – Fierce Card Game

Arcane Showdown is an online PvP game built around card duels. Players build a deck, level up their troops, and fight other players. You can play one on one or two on two. For even more variety, there are various other modes.

The mechanics of the game are quite simple, but it requires a certain strategy in order to pass the higher levels. The game is shareware, so sometimes additional difficulties will be created for you. You understand why. Otherwise, it is a worthy representative of its genre.

9th Dawn III – Open World RPG

9th Dawn III strongly resembled the online version of Diablo II. You have a huge world that you can navigate and meet other players. To make it more interesting, there are dungeons, random spawns of enemies, as well as a large amount of equipment and a bunch of everything to pick up.

The game also allows you to recruit monsters, fish, cook and do many other things to make you feel more fulfilling and more realistic. The game is paid and to someone it will seem expensive, but we must give it its due that the fee is one-time and you do not need to pay several times within the game, as is often the case.

BTS Universe Story – play in play

BTS Universe Story is a visual novel style game with adventure and gacha elements. It has a main story, however, you can create your own stories using a dedicated game tool.

You can use what you create yourself, or invite other players to go through your story . This makes the game almost forever in terms of playthroughs. Gone through one story, created another, or used someone else’s and you can play on. That being said, the mechanics cannot be said to amaze you. The game is pretty simple, but it works great for what are called visual novels.

Final Order – strategy for Android

Final Order is a strategy game with some kingdom building mechanics. You start the game by building a base, but you also get a monster to play with. He uses the traditional rock-paper-scissors style. And the result of the game according to the plot will bring you something.

You can also collect various monsters from all over the world and fight with them. The only pity is that you can not play for the monsters themselves. If you look closely, you will find something unique in this game. Just don’t expect too much from her , but she should keep you busy for a few days or even weeks.

Genshin Impact – Zelda Style Game

Genshin Impact is an open world RPG game. It can be compared to something like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You even get a glider that can cover longer distances in less time. However, do not expect too much from the game, as it is not a premium game and is free.

You will need to complete quests and thereby unlock new characters . Despite the level of the game, we must pay tribute to the graphics and gameplay. They are actually pretty good. Although the game is free, it is not completely, since the monetization system is naturally present and you need to get used to it.

Infinity Mechs – Robot Game

Infinity Mechs is a fairly simple game. The bottom line is that robots have to fight the bad guys. Over time, you get more and more resources and increase your level. In general, everything is simple and nothing new.

The main difference from other similar games will be the global leaderboard, the PvP element and the story mode. The game may not be able to play forever, but for some time it will definitely be enough, and then something new will come out.

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