Microsoft’s Hyperlapse Application

One of Microsoft’s newest released is an application made specifically for Android. This application is called Hyperlapse, and is looking as though it will continue Microsoft’s steady ascent in the world of smartphone applications. The app’s basic function is that it allows you to create extremely smooth time lapse videos, with this functionality being far superior to any provided by the apps created by Microsoft’s competitors in this department. This has led to this application becoming wildly popular among those users of Android phones that enjoy amateur photography and thus enjoy making time lapse videos in their spare time.

Hyperlapse Application

The creation of a time lapse video essentially involves taking any moving picture and speeding it up. This creates a beautifully nostalgic effect that is a favorite for many amateur video makers, and certainly sounds simple enough to apply. However, simply speeding a video up often results in the jerks and shakes that occurred during the filming of said video becoming even more obvious and apparent, resulting in a time lapse video that is virtually unwatchable. This is where Hyperlapse comes in. This application allows you to create a smooth and seamless time lapse video at the push of a button.

The technology behind this innovation is complex and frankly quite impressive. Usually, an application that creates time lapse video works by stitching together every frame that appears after an arbitrary interval of frames, for example every tenth frame. However, Microsoft’s Hyperlapse application is smarter than that. Instead of choosing a frame after a certain interval, it analyses each frame in the video and selects only those that can be stitched to the previous and next frames as seamlessly as possible, essentially frames that are as similar to the previous and next frames as possible, are added to the time lapse video, which results in a frame selection that seems random but is actually quite effective and logical. This results in a far smoother time lapse video, one that is free of all of the bumps and shakes that you would see if you were using any inferior kind of time lapse application.

This Android application created by Microsoft is still only in its beta version stage. This means that the app only works on a few select Android devices rather than being universally usable on any kind of smart phone as long as it runs on Android. The phones that this application initially worked on are the Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge and Note 4 by Samsung, the Nexus 5, 6 and 9, the One M8 and M9 by HTC and finally the Xperia Z3 by Sony. After Microsoft fixed a few bugs in the applications code, it made it available to use on the following phones as well: the One Plus One, the Xiaomi Mi4, the Motorola Droid Turbo, the Sony Xperia Z3 Impact as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Microsoft will release the final version of this app after further fine tuning.

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