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Mark Zuckerberg: Apple defends iOS in spite of Facebook


According to Mark Zuckerberg, Apple is tightening security requirements on iOS not so much because it cares about its users, but because it wants to put competitors and other market players in a negative light. The Facebook CEO believes that the new rules that iOS apps must comply with have little to do with protecting sensitive data. Rather, they aim to demonstrate the superiority of their own applications and prevent the popularization of alternatives.

IOS security
IOS 14 banned from tracking users, Facebook may run out of revenue

We have many competitors who declare confidentiality to mislead the end consumer. Apple recently released so-called privacy labels in the App Store, which are designed to list the data that apps collect. However, this has nothing to do with ensuring user privacy and secure communication. Therefore, if we talk about protecting messages, then I think that here our WhatsApp is clearly superior to iMessage, – said Mark Zuckerberg.

To tell the truth, in some ways Zuckerberg is really right. After all, the privacy labels that Apple introduced into the App Store late last year really only show what information the app collects. However, they do not take into account the existing security mechanisms that the developers have implemented. For example, there is nothing about the encryption algorithms used and not a word about storing messages, etc. Therefore, there really are complaints about Apple. How exactly to present them is another matter.

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Facebook vs. Apple
Facebook intends to fight against Apple

Another complaint Zuckerberg has against Apple is that the Cupertino-based company allows itself to install its own applications on its own (!) Devices. That is why, says the head of Facebook, iMessage is the most popular messenger in the US. Not because it is somehow particularly well protected, and not because it is very conveniently implemented, but because users simply do not need to make an effort to start using it. Of course, Zuckerberg is indignant, in this situation, Facebook will remain the loser.

Zuckerberg did not demand that Apple abandon the pre-installation of its own applications on iOS or the adoption of a rule that would oblige the company to install, in addition to the proprietary software, third-party software, as they wanted in Russia. No, he simply said that Facebook will fight against Apple’s monopoly, trying to defend not only its own interests but also the interests of small businesses, which in the current monopoly situation has practically no room for development. True, it is not very clear which small business representatives delegated Zuckerberg to speak on their behalf.

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