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How to Make your Notifications Read/Shout Out in Android Mobiles


Mostly multi-taskers just ignore notifications and continue with their work. But sometimes it may lead to some issues, even they won’t reply to some important quires too! So they will forgot to do that task! So many guys wish to have some notification reader, so that they could able to get notifications without looking on their screen. For example, one of your friend tagged you in his photo then you will receive a notification which is audible to you. So that this may save your time without checking the that photo of your friend. So as per your wish you got one awesome app for Android platform which is known as Enter Shouter to perform Audible notification for you guys!

To keep focusing on your work you need to concentrate on your work without deviating and by checking the notification you may deviate for your work. So by using Enter Shouter app you may not do so! This app allows the users to hear their notification out loud which will be read by this app. Really this will be an awesome app for Android Platform. Wanna to know about it?

Here below in this post I’ve added full specs and detailed features about Shouter app for our loyal readers. Just check them out and save your time while wasting your time on checking your notification.

What is Voice : Notification Shouter app?

What is Voice : Notification Shouter app

As its name implies, Notification reader do read your notifications for you so that you don’t need to read/check them yourself. This Shouter app reads all notifications including Caller Name, Message reading, Game notifications, Missed calls announcements and much more options are available here. And these things are fully customizable, so that you can make changes as per your wish!

Things can be Performed by Shouter App

  • Notification Reading.
  • Caller Name Announcement while the phone is ringing.
  • Missed calls announcement if you get a missed call.
  • Text Message Reading.
  • Game’s notifications.
  • And soon more will be updated!

Read Caller Names & Missed Call Notify

While your mobile is ringing, this app reads the caller name on same instant. If you’re travelling in car and you mobile is ringing then you don’t need to check who is calling! This app say that to you so that you don’t need to waste your time by talking to unknown or someone you aren’t interested in talking to you. So this will be the best feature I found with this Shouter app. Hope you guys too like this feature!

You may be any place, anywhere even travelling! Shouter will make a announcement about the caller name of the person who is calling you. And another thing, Shouter app will also notify your Missed calls too! If you received any missed calls from your friends, then it will notify their names and you can decide whether to attend that call or not. Really interesting? These things makes our work simple and effective!

Text Message Reading

Like the caller notification, this message reading feature makes us so interesting! If you’re not interested to read some received messages, then this app can read them for you in short time. This feature will surely save your precious time which you are spending it on checking and reading your received messages. And this feature will be more useful while you are travelling!

While you’re out on a bike or car ride with your buddies, then this app read your messages for you once you recieve them! Pretty? Yes, it will be! I think some technology innovations itself making the people to be lazzy by reducing their works. Use this feature when your in need!

Voice Notification app lets users to choose their own settings. You can choose your own time to read your notifications and make them silent when you don’t want it. And you can make it read when your device state in Device on, Headphone on, Headphone off. So this proves the master control for this app is so awesome and it can be done all in one place. The silent hour features is ideal for night time and customize as per your wish!

Hope this new Shouter App acts a good personal assistant apps for reading your notifications on all cases. Still the developers are working on it to update this app with more features in future mostly it will be on Battery State announcement and Voice reminder.

Download Voice Notification App from Play Store.

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Whats your point of view about this Shouter App? Share your experience and thoughts in comments below! If you haven’t tried on your device then give a try and let us know how it worked for you, Good? Stay tuned here for more trending and interesting info about Technology and Android niches. Cheers 😀

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