How To Make Your Blogging Less Time Consuming?

Established bloggers will usually publish posts every day, all year round. So how do they do this? Do these people not have holidays, families and friends to spend time with, or hobbies? The answer for this is that they schedule and automate as much of their tasks and work as they can. Here are 15 ways to automate your blog.

1) Automating submissions to StumbleUpon

SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster) is a free Wordpress plugin that enables you to automatically share your latest posts to many social networks that are typically difficult to automate, such as StumbleUpon.

2) Automate your Reddit contributions

Unlike StumbleUpon, Reddit is one of the few social bookmarking sites that generally sends quite a significant amount of traffic. Only automate this if you generally write about the same topic, as you’ll need to specify which subreddit you want to auto-post to.


3) Automatically syndicate your content to Storify

Storify is a great platform for syndicating your content to, if only for getting a strong followed link back to your original article.The trick here is to try to and customise your IFTTT recipe slightly so that you’re not creating a word-for-word duplicated copy of your original post.

Automate Blogging Tips

4) Using RSS-to-email to ‘launch’ your latest posts

Experiment with RSS-to-email by adding a ‘blog updates’ form on the sidebar and then automatically sending a monthly email with a summary of your top posts to anyone on this list.

5) Use

For editing and proofreading assistance, this is the best place. Experts are here to help you polish your paper and make sure it’s free of any syntax, grammar, typographical mistakes and flows just the right way to fetch you the best grades.

6) Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a social media management tool with some great automation features. One of the best features is the queue reservoir.


By providing them the complete details of the project, they can immediately assign one of their experts and have the contents delivered on or before the set deadline. guarantees its clients that they will live up to their expectations and criteria.


Dlvr it automates the process of delivering your new blog content to your portals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


IFTTT (If this then that) allows you to automate a wide range of activities.  If a trigger event happens the automation kicks in and the corresponding action takes place. For example, a new blog post is added and a tweet is generated. In IFTTT they have a concept of ‘recipes’. These recipes are individual tasks that can be automated.  When you login you’ll see over 4,000 to choose from.

10) Postplanner

Postplanner is a Facebook page management tool that helps automate the sharing of content to your Facebook page. There is a content discovery engine which allows you to discover the most popular content in your industry and then you can add it to a queue for later delivery. Post Planner will handle everything in the queue and automatically post out based on pre-configured times.

11) Buffer

Buffer saves a lot of time by automatically handling all the scheduling of your posts.When you want to catch up on your blog posts read them using Feedly and then share them out on Buffer.

12) Zapier

Zapier is similar to IFTTT except you set up Zaps. A Zap is an individual automated task. For example a Zap could be a task that monitors YouTube and when it finds a new video then a tweet is automatically generated. There are over 250 services supported. These are the ones you specify where the trigger event kicks off.

13) Aweber

Aweber is an email marketing tool with some essential automation tasks built in.When someone signs up to your email list you can set up one or a series of automated e-mails that goes to your new subscriber. You can pre build all your email templates and have them all ready to go.

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14) Combine IFTTT and Buffer to automate sharing to social sites

It can get very messy automating your social posting through IFTTT. instead, have a system that sends content from Feedly (an RSS reader) to Buffer using IFTTT.

That way you can simply connect your blog, as well as other decent marketing blogs to Feedly, and have the content automatically scheduled to post at certain times and days of the week.

15) Use email auto-responders and ‘pay with a like’ to automate social shares of specific pages.

The gist of this technique is to create a 12 or 24 month string of email auto-responders whereby you offer your email list a series of free gifts in return for them liking or tweeting a page you specify authenticated with a ‘pay with a like’ or ‘pay with a tweet’ plugin.

So there it is! A wide range of ideas and tools to help you work more efficiently and ensure your blog keeps running smoothly – even when you are away or busy with other things. So what are you waiting for? Increase your productivity and reduce the effort now!

Author: Kenneth Waldman, a freelance writer and content creator. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.

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