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Looking forward to a foldable iPhone in 2023? well you are naive


In recent years, foldable smartphones have become increasingly popular. Samsung Galaxy Z, Huawei P50 Pocket and many other models have burst into the market and it seems that they are not going to leave here. Apple is a real conservative in this sense. Instead of introducing something incomprehensible, the Cupertino people are in no hurry to introduce drastic changes and are almost the last to add unique features. The first rumors about an iPhone with a foldable screen appeared back in 2018, but we still haven’t seen a new form factor and it looks like we won’t see it soon. In the article, we will talk about when the foldable iPhone will be released and discuss the different options for its design.

Previously, we have already told you more than once about the folding iPhone: we understood Apple patents, dreamed of a folding iPhone 13, discussed its design. If you are not familiar with these materials, be sure to check them out, there are a lot of interesting things.

Foldable iPhone release date

Just the other day, Ross Young, a well-known analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), spoke on the subject of a folding iPhone. Referring to the Apple supply chain, he said that until 2025, we should all forget about the foldable smartphone from Apple.

Previously, we were already fully hoping for a new smartphone in 2023, but apparently Apple decided to postpone the idea with a flexible screen for another couple of years:

Personally, I now have even less hope for a flexible iPhone. Think for yourself, if by that time the Cupertino people have already managed to roll out an AR and VR headset , then what’s the point in releasing such a phone?

What will be the iPhone with a flexible screen

For several years now, we’ve been hoping that Apple will introduce a foldable iPhone next year. In principle, the company has everything for this. The experience of the same Samsung shows that such a device fits into the scenarios of many users without any problems and is sold quite well.

And when the first model came out, there were still some questions, but now everything works quite well. I’ve been using the Galaxy Z Flip for a few days now and haven’t noticed any significant downsides. Unless the front camera is so-so, but if you compare it with the iPhone SE 2020 , the difference is minimal.

On the other hand, we all expect some revolutionary solutions from Apple. Well, you see, if the iPhone Fold is a copy of the Galaxy Z Fold on iOS, then it will be extremely boring. Of course, we are all waiting for some unique retractable mechanism or interesting use cases. Well, that is, the Cupertino people need to create conditions in which the folding mechanism will become not a whim, but a necessity for everyone.

And you know, there is such a solution. With the help of a folding iPhone, it’s quite possible to replace the extremely uncomfortable, nauseating (some people really feel sick from it) iPad mini. And then it immediately becomes clear why the deadlines are being postponed.

iPad mini is now a real work tool for many professionals. It can often be found in artists, designers and representatives of other creative professions. As soon as these tasks can be delegated without any problems, it will be possible to think about the release. Agree, it sounds nice? Too bad it’s just a rumor.

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